Harman Pellet Stoves for Eco-Friendly Home Heating & a Giveaway


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Harman Stoves for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's freezing here.  Nothing like Minnesota in February to make you start dreaming of a cozy heating source.  We are currently in the process of exploring our fireplace/pellet stove options for our living room.  My husband grew up with a stove and he loves the atmosphere these easy maintence pellet stoves provide. 

Check out this great infographic for all the details regarding pellet stoves.

Pellet Stoves are Awesome

Not only are Harman Pellet Stoves cozy, but they also help reduce your carbon footprint.  In today's world of excess it is great to have a popular heating alternative that is environmentally friendly.  Using a pellet stove to heat your home costs 44% less than oil, 47% less than electric, and 53% less than propane heat.

Unlike fireplaces a stove is freestanding and offers a traditional and charming ambiance. Stoves can be conventional and efficient wood burners, pellet or coal fueled. They are available in a variety of sizes and style and are easily added to most rooms. Inserts are installed inside an existing fireplace to provide a more efficient, clean burning fire. They can be wood, pellet, or coal.

If you are considering adding a stove to your home this is a great time. The federal tax credit on 75 percent efficient biomass heating appliances, which expired on Dec. 31, 2011, was reinstated on Jan. 2, 2013. The bill includes a "tax extender" for Internal Revenue Service Section 25C, which provides a tax credit for, among many other things, qualifying biomass-burning stoves!The extender provides a 10 percent tax credit of up to $300 on a qualifying biomass heating appliance purchased between Jan. 1, 2012 and De. 31, 2013!

Background on the Harman Company: Although Harman is now the industry leader in home heating solutions, their beginnings were humble: Dane Harman designed and built the first Harman Stove in 1979, in an effort to reduce his family’s heating bills. As word of his stove’s efficacy spread, the orders from neighboring households came pouring in, and the legendary Harman brand was born. More than three decades later, the Harman logo adorns 36 models of pellet stoves, inserts, and home heating units, and the name has become synonymous with excellence and efficiency.

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The Harman Company has kindly offered one lucky Mama Report reader a journal sized notebook made from recycled materials with a pen.

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  1. I would love a Harman Stove! I love how good they are for the environment!

  2. I’d love one for both the money savings and the environmental benefits!

  3. Sharon Gilbert says

    I would love to have one!!!

  4. Dorothy Deakyne says

    I would love one of these as I am burning wood now and it gets heavy and messy

  5. I’d love to see how one works.

  6. Sacha Schroeder says

    We would love one of these stoves because we have been wanting one for a while. We run all electric heat and it’s horribly expensive and bad for the environment so we would love this. Thanks so much for the chance!

  7. I’d love one as we have cold winters and I think these stoves are good for the environment.

  8. Megan Parsons says

    I would love to have one because we have a wood stove now and it alone doesn’t keep the house warm. We need another source of heat for this old farm house

  9. Oh I would love one, to save on energy bills.

  10. Joyce Raymond says

    I would like a Harman Pellet Stove because I am so green people call me Kermit!

  11. My father would like this – he needs something like this – always complaining that he is cold. It’s a good thing because it is renewable energy!

  12. We would LOVE a Harman Pellet Stove! My daughter has one in her new home! It is wonderful and heats their whole house! The green aspect of burning pellets makes so much sense! We live in Oregon state and it does get cold here, to us anyways, and what an improvement to our home would that Harman Pellet Stove be! We are retired so the tax break doesn’t appeal to us, but the warmth and savings and being able to have a soul warming fire in our home is most appealing! Thanks for this article on Harman Pellet Stoves! I learned a lot today!

  13. Angela Neynaber says

    I would love this to heat up our upstairs bedroom.

  14. cathy henatyszen says

    I think they are really nice looking, and i’d love the heat they provide.

  15. We have just been discussing getting a pellet stove! Our wood stove is too much for my husband and sons allergies and my husband wants it replaced!

  16. I would love a super cozy efficient heater.

  17. I’ve thought about buying of these stoves.I grew up with a wood burning stove for heat and would to have this.

  18. Shannon Baas says

    Keep my room warm.

  19. Jennifer R says

    I would love a Harmen stove because not only will it allow me to keep my home cozy and warm, I can also feel good that it is environmentally friendly.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  20. Connie Lee says

    We heat with propane. I would love to save money by using this kind of stove instead.

  21. Ashley Nolan says

    I would like a Harman Pellet Stove because it would keep my family warm and save money for us!

  22. Tara Liebing says

    I would love this stove because we would stay warm and save money.

  23. Some place to burn the body… 🙂

  24. The furnace is going out and this might be a better alternative.

  25. This would be a great way to heat hard to heat places


  26. Nice, hot, easy to install.

  27. Charlee Hall says

    I’d love one cause I’m always the only one thats cold in my house!

  28. I would love one because my current wood-burning stove means my house gets wood and coal chips all over the carpet. It’s a mess all winter.

  29. I would love to own a Harman stove because I always wanted a fireplace & this is close enough to it plus I am always cold & our apartment is cold sometimes, because we can’t always afford the heat so we have it at a low temp 🙂

  30. I’d love one because currently our heating system is really inefficient – and we’re always cold! This would be perfect!

  31. I would love one of these stoves because it’s always freezing in my house! Heat barely works.

  32. Debra Hall says

    my house seems to always have a chill

  33. Less fuel means more savings. 🙂

  34. Barbara Stenby says

    My husband & I have been wanting one for the past few years, we have a fireplace and it it so drafty, it makes our house colder so we don’t use it. My husband would love to have this to install in the fireplace! it would heat our whole house (it’s very small) Thanks so much for this amazing chance!

  35. I like the idea of getting a tax credit by using it. Also that it’s good for the environment.

  36. For the warmth and the ambiance.

  37. I like dry heat.

  38. If I didn’t live in an apt I’d love to have one of these stoves. My uncle used to have one in his cabin and they’re so warm. Thank you for the cool giveaway! 🙂

  39. i want to so win this

  40. It sounds really cozy!

  41. I’d love to stay warm with this stove!

  42. this would be awesome in my kitchen!

  43. I love to be warm, and it would be so nice to be able to do it more efficiently.

  44. I would love one! My uncle has one and it is amazing. It does a great job on heating his house. Plus I love that he is helping the environment. 🙂

  45. I have a perfect place in my den for this beautiful pellet stove! It would certainly heat up our whole house.

  46. I know that it would help keep our house warm enough in this freezing winter!


  47. I love that they are ecologically more friendly than other heating sources.
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  48. I would love to make my home more eco-friendly in general. This stove would be great for that.

  49. I would give it to my mom. She lives in Michigan and keeps her house WAY too cold to save on heating costs. Plus she loves fire places.

  50. merry partridge says

    this stove is beautyful.

  51. My brother has one and he swears by it.

  52. Sarah Harding says

    I want one because it would save us money and keep us warm

  53. I love that the Harman stove is cheaper to use than regular heating methods and it is also earth friendly!

  54. Deborah Grabt says

    They remind me of the good days of my life when the family would sit around the fireplace and talk,laugh and cry.

  55. Shandi Naugle says

    I’d like one to save money:)

  56. Jessie Burke says

    I would love to have this stove. I only have a fireplace in the living room now so some of the other rooms get cold. I’d love to have this. Keep me nice and toasty.

  57. Christy Anderson says

    I would want a Harman stove because it’s great for the environment and my electric bill!

  58. Stephanie Dake Thompson says

    Because it is better for the environment and my heating bill is almost more than I can pay a month so a Harman Stove would save me so much.

  59. Robert Pyszk says

    I would love one because the living room gets cold.

  60. My house is all electric and we lose power frequently, this would sure help because of the gas prices to run our generator.

  61. I love the ambiance and warmth of it.
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  62. i want one because our upstairs is way to cold!

  63. I’d love a Harman stove because after years of owning and maintaining different wood stoves. Our family is ready for a pellet stove.
    Thanks for the chance.

  64. natalie nichols says

    I would love to have a Harman stove but I doubt I’ll ever be able to get one

  65. I would like one because I own a home in Nebraska and our stove was stolen from the basement. One of these stoves would be an awesome replacement.


  66. would be very nice for this illinois weather and long nights

  67. It was 9 degrees below zero here this morning! It would be so lovely to have a beautiful Harmon stove to warm us.

  68. I’d love to see how it works!

  69. I would like the stove becasuse I love the look it gives a home

  70. Christina G says

    sounds amazing! 🙂

  71. would love to see our PG&E bill lower

  72. I’d love it to keep my living room warm.

  73. My aunt would love having one in her family room because it stays cold..

  74. I would love this stove, we don’t like using the gas fireplace so this would be a wonderful economical option.

  75. I’d love to have this because I am always cold and this would be great to have in my bedroom.

  76. I love this stove for both the economic savings and for helping the environment

  77. Melanie Montgomery says

    I like things that are better for the enviroment, so yes.

  78. keep my home here in cold mn warm

  79. I like it because I like how cozy it would make the house look!

  80. I like how small it is.

  81. My husband loves stoves like these and has always wanted one.Therefore, I would like to get him one 😉

  82. mary reynolds says

    I love how they help the environment

  83. I would like it for heating the home.

  84. Julia Packer says

    my fiance wants to put a pellet stove in our living room to save money. we currently have electric baseboard heat

  85. I’ve never tried a stove!

  86. Kari Flores says

    I would want one because they save on heating costs.

  87. Margie Young says

    To help lower the electric bill !

  88. Our new house doesn’t have a fireplace

  89. To save money and be warmer.

  90. I learned they are giving #$100 off if you sign up for special web only coupon through 4/18/13… I live in Florida so our winters are mild but it’s days like today, (high of 58, lows in the high 30′s) that I would love to have a stove like this. It would make a good use it when we need it, cost-effective, warming solution.


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