Having a Little Fun with the PreggoBooth App & an iPhone 5 Giveaway


preggobooth iphone app

If you have an iPhone or an iPad you’ll want to check out this hilarious new app called PreggoBooth.  Just as it sounds, this fun app allows you to look like you’re preggers.  This app could provide some wicked fun for us girls.  Take an image of yourself at 9 months pregnant and share via Facebook and wait for the surprised responses:)  This is such an easy way to freak some of your friends and family out:)

Or if you want to be little less devious, and more silly try taking a picture of your husband or boyfriend.  Hilarious!

But perhaps this app can even provide more than entertainment.  Since I’ve already had three sons, I know exactly what I look like as a pregnant lady.  But for all the women who haven’t had children yet, but wonder what they will look like…..this app gives them small glimpse of what could be.


The app is super easy to use.  Simply take a full length picture and adjust accordingly.  The app gives extra emphasis to those special areas were a woman gains a little size- belly, bosom, and butt.  Then select how many months along you would like to be- 3, 6, or 9.  And then share via Facebook, Twitter, or email.  Too funny!  I find little apps like PreggoBooth are a fun way to lighten up my day:)

preggobooth sample

Don’t I look happy!:) LOL!  Notice that the selected parts must be highlighted in blue to extend that area.

 preggobooth iphone 5

Currently PreggoBooth is holding a giveaway for an iPhone 5!  This giveaway ends at midnight EST this Friday- February 8th!  Enter now for your chance to win an awesome iPhone 5!



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  1. Shaun Griffiths says

    Why can’t I have this app used to have it but please let me use have this app again i live in uk

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