Hawaiian™ Kettle Style Potato Chips Review


The makers of the Hawaiian™ Kettle Style Potato Chips announce that their superior line of potato chips are now available in select East Coast markets. The line offers four exotic, unique and delicious flavors, including: Original, Luau BBQ, Sweet Maui Onion and new Wasabi.

Hawaiian™ Kettle Style Potato Chips, which already have a loyal following on the West Coast, bring something unique to the supermarket. With the Hawaiian tagline, “Lolo ‘Ono,” which translates to “Crazy Delicious,” Hawaiian™ Kettle Style Potato Chips use the traditional Polynesian recipe that originated the Hawaiian™ Kettle Style Potato Chip.

Potato chip lovers and flavor fans across Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the Greater Ohio area will delight in the tremendous taste and crunch offered by each flavor of Hawaiian™ Kettle Style Potato Chips, as well as the artistic, colorful, tropical artwork that appears on all packaging.

Here are the different flavors currently available! Find them in a store near you or purchase them online now.

Original- Real potatoes sliced slightly thinner than regular chips, then slow cooked in the old Hawaiian tradition in a select blend of oils for a crispy, crunchy potato chip with just the perfect pinch of salt.

Sweet Maui Onion- Crispy, golden chips are cooked to perfection, and then seasoned with just the right amount of Sweet Maui onion flavor.

Luau BBQ- Although the front of the bag boasts Sweet and Spicy, consumers say it’s sweet and sassy and full of detectable flavor. Try putting these chips inside your next burger for a yummy twist.

Wasabi- Discover a new world of flavor when you try these unique tasting chips which combine the zest of wasabi root with a kick of horseradish and thick sliced potato chips to create this ultimate island delight.

My thoughts?
My family received Sweet Maui Onion and Luau BBQ to sample.  I loved the Sweet Maui Onion.   I was only going to have a few chips to try, but after a couple I wanted a few more.  You get the idea.  They are addictive!  The taste was unique and pleasing.  The chips have a light onion flavor that is quite tasty.
I found the Luau BBQ to be a bit too spicy for my tastes, however my husband LOVED them.  He was all too happy to finish the bag himself and has requested I purchase more.  The taste is just like what you would expect a Hawaiian style BBQ chips to taste like.  Hmmm…what is that exactly?  Sweet barbecue with a wood smoked spice that leaves an after punch.
Overall, my family was impressed with Hawaiian Kettle Style Potatoes Chips and we are interested in purchasing them in the future, now if only I could get them to my grocery store in Minnesota!
I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Ooooooh these are so ono! Too bad they’re not in Florida, yet. Maybe we’ll find some of these potato chips at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. One can hope 😉



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