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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wave Home Solutions for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Obviously, everyone wants to keep a healthy and happy home.  Many families work hard to ensure their home is clean and well managed.  But sometimes there are unseen problems that can potentially make an unhealthy living condition for your family.  Mold and radon are to potential problematic issues that should be dealt with in each home. According to the EPA the air inside a home can be 5 times more polluted than air outside.

Basements and crawl spaces are most problematic areas of a home – a lot of moisture and no ventilation. Just stale, stagnant damp must air. The odors, molds, pollutants thrive and accumulate there and then flow into living quarters upstairs.

Homes with excess moisture and not enough ventilation will be a breeding ground for mold, dust mites insects. They have high levels of gases, radon, combustion, VOC’s, toxic vapors that will eventually flow upwards. The major indoor air quality problems biological and chemical proliferate in the lower levels that can lead to Sick Home Syndrome – characterized by respiratory ailments, asthma, headaches…

Wave Home Solutions ventilates and dries out the home. 

This is how it works-

Attacks the problem at its source – lowest level of home. Draws damp polluted air from floor level of basement or crawl (through vents at the bottom of the unit) and expels it outside. Warmer, drier replacement air from upstairs is drawn into the basement or crawl through a vent. This not only dries out the structure but creates the necessary air exchanges needed for a healthy home (6-10 exchanges).

Ventilation speed is determined on conditions of basement. When necessary, it will increase and as conditions improve, ventilation rate will slow down. And the system constantly and automatically measures relative humidity and adjusts to maximize results, never shutting off. It will maintain conditions 24/7 year round and provide constant air exchange as recommended.

Dehumidifiers dry out the air but do not ventilate so you still have trapped toxins, pollutants and stale air.  Plus dehumidifiers can cost $50/month in electric bills. Wave Home Solutations costs pennies a day to run and its maintenance free. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

While my family luckily does not have water issues in our basement (one of the benefits of living on a hill), if you suspect you have ventiliation issues in your lower space you might want to check out Wave Home Solutions to see if it is a good fit for your problems. 

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