Help! How Does This Look? (#TheAvengersEvent)


As you already know I will be traveling to NYC soon for the Marvel’s The Avengers closing night red carpet show at the Tribeca Film Festival.  And while I already have my red carpet outfit I am trying to figure out few other ensembles for my time in NYC.

Today Nana and I did a little shopping and came up with this.  She loves it, especially the jacket.  When I got home I showed it to my husband, who didn’t like it, especially the jacket.  Hmmm….needless to say, I’m conflicted.

Keep in mind my husband’s idea of fashion is picture t-shirts, but after prying him for a more complete explanation he claimed- the outfit was not “me”, and he didn’t like the shoulders on the jacket, and the thought it odd the jacket was short and my pants were short.

I had originally intended on having “blingy” shoes of some nature and I merely threw these on, though I do like them.

The jacket has some detailed work, although it is hard to tell from the picture.

HELP!  Lay it on me!  Does it look awful?  I can take it I’m a big girl.  For the record I am aware that it is a lot of black, but I do love black;)  Also please note I do NOT have any make-up on in the photos.   Ignore the face!:)

Tomorrow we are going to check out a couple more places, therefore I might have some new ideas……give me some direction!  Please!



  1. Ok, here goes…I would wear a colored top under the black top with a chunky type necklace and some blingie shoes! Sorry, not trying to be hurtful but it would look better. Even if you go with a solid color contrasting top and chunky type necklace it would snap it up.

    • Yay! Thanks for the response! Nana and I heavily considered a colored top underneath, but we couldn’t figure out a color. When I got home I tried a pink one, but it looked odd. Any color suggestions?
      And I totally agree on the chunky necklace and blingy shoes. I had not got to the jewelry part yet, I don’t know if I will ever get there:) But at least I have some direction:) Thanks so much! I really appreciate your honest opinion:)

  2. Something like this necklace…pick a color you like, some cute shoes. PS You are very pretty

    • Awesome! Love the necklace, it would look great with the outfit! Hmm…I guess I know which store I am heading to tomorrow:) Thanks so much!

  3. If you could find just a great cheap necklace and wear an off white shell and some snazzy sandals! That would be very trendy and look great on you! I love that necklace I previously listed but it is expensive (for me, anyway) and it would have to be ordered. Sigh.

    • Ouch, I just looked at the price, it is expensive, isn’t it? But it is a great visual and I bet I can get something similar for a cheaper price. I think you are also right about the off white shell- that would be best with a blingy necklace and shoes. It could add depth, but still be neutral. Love the advice:)!

  4. You will look so pretty and have a great time, I just know it!!! Be sure to post about your time there. Good luck shopping, you will find just the right stuff. I know it. Hugs.

    • Thanks you so much JD:) I really appreciate the support and kind words! I was a little lost in the store today trying to put everything together. I haven’t gone shopping quite like this before!:) I will definitely be posting about my experience and will have plenty of pictures! I can’t wait!

  5. I was thinking of a wedge! I think a little bit of a heel is a must too!

  6. OMG…we are twins! lol I am sure there are all types along that style you can find. I live in a tiny town so I am reduced to “window shopping” online.

  7. The jacket rocks!!

  8. What if you added some sparkle top under the jacket instead. Sparkle always dresses things up without doing much else.
    Just google Sequined Tank – they are everywhere right now!!

  9. deanna_boocock says

    Love the jacket and the pants are nicely tailored. Definitely need some colour though with the shirt. In Canada at least the big colour right now is orange or apricot, perhaps in a silky type fabric. And shoes with a bit of the same colour in them to match.

  10. shelly foster says

    You look beautiful 🙂 A coloured tank/top would dress it up — too much solid black. And a neckalce/jewelry would jazz up also…. Have a Blessed Day

  11. Keep in mind my husband’s idea of fashion is picture t-shirts

    This is a true statement.

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