Hemalayaa Bollywood Party Workout DVD Review


Hemalayaa: Bollywood Party Workout

Get fit with Bollywood dance moves and infectious bhangra beats. Known for her playful spirit, fitness star and yogini Hemalayaa leads sexy, sassy, fun workouts that burn fat and tone your whole body. Bollywood Party Workout turns exercise into a celebration. In two 20-minute segments, you’ll dance your way to a better body: toning trouble spots, cinching your waistline, firming your glutes and thighs, blasting away calories and fat. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned dancer or have two left feet: You’ll feel confident and fabulous at Hemalayaa’s Bollywood party, and you’ll get results that show. 50 min. on 1 DVD.

An Acacia production.

“Full of genuine joy and delight”—Health
“Shimmy and shake your way into better shape”—more.com




Like most Acacia fitness DVD’s, Bollywood Party Workout is divided into clear, easy to use sections.  You can perform the entire 50 minute fitness program or select each part individually.  There is a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down, and two main workout sections.  The first 20 minute workout is titled Wedding Party and according to Hemalayaa is how to dance like the girl next door.  The other 20 minute section is titled House Party and is more sultry.

I had never tried a dance video before.  All the of the fitness videos I have used have a degree of seriousness to them while you try to indeed “work out”.  Boy, have I been missing out!  Hemalayaa creates my kind of workout, it’s all about fun!  Yes, it involves moving a LOT, but it’s dancing.   Hemalayaa is very upbeat and friendly and you just want to move and dance with her.  For the record I have never seen gold hotpants before.  Click here to check out a brief video clip and you can see those pants!

I would only recommend this DVD if you are familiar with Bollywood movies.  Or perhaps check out some Bollywood movies and THEN try this DVD.  I think Bollywood movies are hilarious, fun, and amazing all at the same time.  Many have similarities to the classic musicals of Hollywood.  There is singing and incredible dance numbers.  Don’t worry, Hemalyaa’s moves are easy to follow and nothing is particularly difficult.  I am not a very coordinated person, but I was able to follow the well explained moves.

Overall I was impressed with Hemalayaa’s Bollywood Party Workout.  It was a fun and easy to follow.  This workout is available at Acacia for $16.99, however currently there is a promotion to save 15% when you purchase two DVD’s.



I received the above mentioned DVD to review, however all opinions are my own.



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