Hip Shirts for Kids- Little Trendstar Review


It think sometimes clothing companies forget that no matter what your age, you want to look cool.  Starting around two years of age, all three of my boys started to become aware of what they were wearing.  I would say that they are mostly easy-going when it comes to their fashion decisions, however occasionally we will have an issue.  I’ve heard girls can be be even more particular.  And based on my memories of myself as I child I would agree with that generalization.

An outfit is sure to be a winner if my children sense that my husband really likes it.  Dad determines what is “cool” at our house.  I guess with three little guys it is only natural they turn to Daddy for a sense of what is manly and awesome.   They know I want to dress them in sweaters, polo shirts, and khaki pants.  There is none of that pretense coming from their father.  Does it have zombies?  Awesome!  Does it have superheroes?  Cool!  And this was the case with our new Little Trendstar shirt.  My middle son, age four, eagerly put on the shirt after I told him Daddy would love it.  After it was on he looked at it and said, “what is this”?  Boy, how times have changed.

The design is of a tape with the words “mix” on the it and old school written underneath, as you can see in the picture above.  My husband immediately commented that the shirt was indeed “cool” as soon as saw it.  My son not having any sense of what was really on his shirt was content since Dad said it was good.  He then starting dancing around the room singing a song about “old school”.  It is quite obvious that child and parent are happy with this selection.

As you can see the cut of this shirt is different than most, as it is bit more form fitting.  I think this gives the shirt a bit more of an edgier, hip look.

My son was very comfortable in this shirt, even with the stylish design.

Here is my favorite girl option.  Most styles come in short sleeve, long sleeve, and onsies.

While it is obvious that the shirts are hip, what isn’t so obvious but important, is that all Little Trendstar clothing is nontoxic and eco-friendly.  They use only safe, water-based ink, are pthalate-free, pvc free, and are made from 100% cotton.  It is always important to consider these factors when purchasing clothing for children.  Luckily my little guys do not have sensitive skin, but for those that do this clothing should decrease any kind of irritation.

Now what about price?  Short sleeves shirts are $24, long sleeves are $26, and onesies are $24.  This price seems steep, but after checking out some comparable companies it seems to be the going rate for stylish onesies.  The only consolation is that shipping is free.  I don’t know how much y’all spend on onesies, but $24 for one, even a stylish one, seems pricey in my opinion. Perhaps they would make a great gift.  While I wouldn’t spend that much on my own children, I have been known to dig a little deeper in to the pocketbook for a special gift for friends and family.

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I received the above mentioned products for review purposes through Rachel Florio PR, all opinions are my own. 

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