Home Smart’s Black Out Review


  • Blocks your information on credit card statements, bank statements, bills, magazines and catalogs
  • Hides your address, social security number, account numbers
  • Permanent ink that can’t be erased or washed out
  • Unique jumbled stamp pattern can never be read
  • Easier and quicker than shredding, scribbling over account information or tearing bank statements into tiny pieces
  • Black Out Security Pen writes with permanent ink so names and amounts on checks can’t be changed


My Thoughts

When I was last employed I worked at a bank in the Operations department so we used sensitive information all the time.  While using that information it really hit home how easily some of this information could get pilfered,  especially if the information was not sent via secure methods or wasn’t disposed of properly.   I also have an accounting background, but working for the bank really hit home.  Because of the mentioned reasons I am a shredder and I shred everything from credit card applications to bills that I am disposing of, etc. Black Out is of interest to me since shredding can be a pain,  especially if you haven’t done it in a while and are trying to get a large pile done in a short time frame.  I don’t know how many times I have started shredding my pile and had to quit because I overheated my shredder.  The nice part of this product is that you can disguise this information so you could throw it without having to shred it or try to rip it multiple times in multiple directions if you are like me.  I know I will be using this product for the pesky credit card applications that we get in the mail, as we get at least two of them in the mail everyday.  I probably will not shred these applications because once the name is blocked out they are pretty useless for identity theft.  Will I use it on my bills with the account numbers, probably but knowing me I will still shred the bills as an added security.

I have attached pictures of what it looks like on an envelope we received from our local clinic.  Notice the before and after!  Black Out works great!



I also used the pen that comes with the stamp and have to say that it does its job as well.  It writes smoothly and crisply.  I loved that you don’t have to write hard,  but it looks like you were with the amount and color of ink that shows up on the check.

This post was written by Melissa for The Mama Report.



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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