Hot Tot Children’s Natural Hair Products Review


My poor daughter has hair like I do. It falls down into her face and when she wakes up in the morning it is a horrible tangled mess.  If we give her a bath at night before she goes to bed, it is a disaster when she wakes up and we have to completely wet it down to try to get it to lay with some sort of normalcy. We also have to be careful with what kind of products we use as she has very sensitive skin and eczema.  Most of the products at the stores or even salons have such strong fragrances that I am reluctant to use them on my daughter. It irritates me that when you go to the store looking for detangler spray they all have a strong fruit fragrance.  Now don’t get me wrong I know that with many kids it is how some parents get their children to use the products, but I wish they had the option of a light or fragrance free product.

I recently received a variety of Hot Tot products for my daughter’s hair.  I was intrigued, as the items are natural and organic.   I received the Sweet Pea Serum, Conditioning Detangler, Styling Gel, and Structure Whip. What I really liked about these products is that none of them had an overly strong scent and they are made with sensitivities in mind. The products are also not made with harsh chemicals and are naturally made so they are safer for children.

The Sweet Pea Serum is a product that helps with curl. I like this product because my daughter has a little natural curl and it enhanced the natural curl she has. To use this product you just rub a little of it in the hair and then comb the hair up and away from the body and it really helps to set the curls.

The Conditioning Detangler is a spray-on like most detanglers I have purchased.  I really liked the pleasant smell and thought the product worked well.

Here is my daughter’s hair before the detangler.  Obviously you can see why I need it!

and here is the after picture!

The Styling Gel is another product you put on a small amount and rub into the hair to assist with styling. I tried this while wet, but you can also use it on dry hair. I put my daughters hair in a little ponytail on the top of her head to keep her hair out of her face, this really helped keep the flyaways in place which is very nice.

The Structure Whip is a cream that adds texture and hold to a style. This product can be used on dry or damp hair. I used this on my daughters ponytail on another occasion and also used it to control my son’s cowlick on the back of his head when we were getting ready for church the other weekend.  It worked great!

Hot Tots also have a Finishing Mist and Spotless Tot that I did not receive,but sure would like to try after having used the rest of their products. The Spotless Tot is a shampoo/body wash for children.

I really liked how these products worked in my children’s hair and the fact that they were not filled with harsh chemicals. I think I will buy some when my samples run out as I will need it in the future for my daughters hair.

Check out Hot Tot online to see the full selection of products and connect via Facebook and Twitter.


This review was written by Melissa for The Mama Report.


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Teresa Moore says

    I went and liked their facebook page. When I get a few minutes, I want to look over their line of products. I can’t find a really good detangler for my six year old daughter’s hair. Time I get her out of the shower and dry her hair with a towel, it has several rats nest. Nothing I find works! Thanks for the review, going to check it out.

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