Hot Wheels Customs Review


Create a one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-a-kind kid!

Create a thrilling vehicle design experience with new Hot Wheels® Customs. For the first time kids can customize and create their very own Hot Wheels® vehicle using a photo of their choice along with a personalized message to make a one-of-a-kind ride. It’s the perfect personalized gift for any occasion!

Design and decoration is a simple click away! Just follow five easy steps to create a unique customized car that’s designed by you–  for your favorite Hot Wheels® fan:

  • Log on at
  • Choose your ride from four cool vehicle styles: Hiway Hauler, Dairy Delivery, Surfin’ School Bus or School Busted
  • Upload your favorite photo
  • Add your personalized message
  • Select the packaging

Whether it’s a memorable birthday gift or party favor, a back-to-school backpack surprise or a unique gift for the auto buff that has everything, Hot Wheels® Customs put the person in “personalized” so they will always feel special!


My almost two year old is officially crazy about cars, trucks, trains, tractors, or basically anything with wheels.  My older boys still enjoy playing with their Hot Wheels cars, but they play with a larger variety of toys than my youngest.  Boys love cars and trucks.  It is a simple truth.  Even before the tender age of two my youngest has a distinct affinity for wheeled vehicles.  And I knew that my chance to review a customized Hot Wheels vehicle would be for him.

First I needed to select a vehicle.  This is a tough decision.  My choices- Hiway Hauler, Dairy Delivery, Surfin’ School Bus or School Busted are all great options and I knew my little guy would be happy with any of them, but I wanted to pick the best fit for him.  I decided to choose the Hiway Hauler as he particularly loves trucks.

After selecting a vehicle then you need to choose and insert a picture.  I recommend selecting a picture that is a close up of one person. Since the picture will be placed on a rather small sized Hot Wheels vehicle this is a way to ensure the picture is clearly visible.  I selected a picture of my son.  After selecting a picture you can center it on the vehicle.  This is a great option as it helps ensure the picture will look great.

In the fourth step you can add a personalized message on the side of the Hot Wheels creation.  I decided to add the name of my son.  He obviously can’t read it now, but it provides a personal touch he will appreciate in the future.  You could also add “Happy Birthday” or any other message up to 22 characters.

In the fifth step you can even select the kind of packaging for the car.  Choose from Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, or a Made Just For You package.

In step six you can preview your selection to ensure it looks just the way you want it.

What a wonderful, creative, and personalized gift.  Hot Wheels Customs would make great stocking stuffers!

Here is my guy below with his truck.  He stared quietly at his image.  I think he was amazed!  After attempting to figure out how it got on there, he proceeded to “tell” me all about it.

Create your own Hot Wheels Customs for $7.99 + s/h.

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I received this product as part of a promotional program with Hot Wheels® and MomSelect, all opinions are my own.

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