Household Cleaning the Smart Way with a Quickie Power Scrubber


2013-03-20 16.52.27

Cleaning is definitely one of my least favorite things to do.  Sure, I like the results- a sparkling, shiny, clean house.  But I have a busy schedule which means I need to maximize my time.  Cleaning frequently gets pushed to the way side when compared to other obligations- my children’s needs, managing campaigns, cooking, blogging, volunteering.  Okay, okay you have probably figured out that regardless of what I have going on in my life, cleaning is not a high priority:)  Needless to say, I’m a fan of anything that makes this dreaded task easier, because sometimes by the time I get around to cleaning,  things are little more chaotic than they should be.

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I recently received a Quickie power scrubber.  This battery operated handheld device is designed to provide the extra power you need to clean in your house in a jiffy.  Clearly, I am in need of a device to help clean up my life.  I popped the batteries in, and I quickly scanned the house for an area to clean.

2013-03-20 16.52.33

Let’s just say, I didn’t have to look for very long:)  Actually my first job was a sticky stain that was stuck to the tile on my kitchen floor.  I had been unsuccessfully ignoring this stain for a while, as I knew it would take a good amount of scrubbing with a dishrag.  In approximately 30 seconds my new Quickie made the stain disappear!  No extra force required.

2013-03-20 16.52.40


Hmmm….but could it tackle my icky toothpaste filled bathroom sink?  I especially dislike cleaning the sink.  It’s gross.  And all that residue from toothpaste gets gucked up in the sink.  I quickly sprayed some cleaner and set to work with my Quickie scrubber.  My sink was clean in less than a minute.

2013-03-20 16.52.21

I have one word of the Quickie- brilliant.

2013-03-21 13.31.00

Yep, that’s my description.  It’s just cleaning brilliance.

2013-03-21 13.33.43

Notice that you can easily switch heads from the brush to the scrubber.  Don’t be scared (like me) just pull of the top.  I thought for sure there must be some lever involved, but all it takes is a little tug and the top can be replaced with the device of your choice.

2013-03-20 16.54.43


This handy dandy little device can currently be purchased at Walmart.  I highly recommend picking up one of these tools the next time you are shopping.  Save yourself some extra work and let the power scrubber do most of the work for you!

Features of the new Quickie® Household Power Scrubber:

·         Handheld design allows for easy maneuvering, even around the tightest corners

·         Waterproof design allows for use with water or cleaning solutions

·         Powers up your favorite household cleaning solution with high torque for tough jobs

·         Long run time allows even the big jobs to be completed

·         Interchangeable heads fight dirt and grime of all kinds

·         Safe on tile, grout, tubs, chrome and other household surfaces

·         Product includes 4 AA alkaline batteries for use



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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