How Do You Blog?


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I was under the assumption that most of my readers were non-bloggers.  I think I assumed this idea as I completely underestimated the number of blogs on the interweb.  Thanks to my recent work for Collective Bias I have come to the realization that there are a TON of blogs out there.  A bazillion.  My mind literally staggers just thinking of how many blogs are out there.

I’ve been living my internet life very much the same way I live my real life.  That should be a good thing, right:) LOL.  But I live in a small town, I don’t interact with a lot of people, and the population density is very low.  I THOUGHT the blogesphere existed  mostly in the realm of those bloggers that are in my particular mommy blog circle   My recent revelation made me realize I am currently living in a very small town of an enormous planet in terms of the internet.

Since this time, I’ve also come to notice that quite a large number of my readers are also bloggers themselves.  Again, this shouldn’t have been so shocking.  What do I love to do with my free time?  I love to READ OTHER BLOGS! Doh, sometimes I’m not the savviest lady around:)

My recent revelation makes me want to give a proper moment to all my fellow bloggers who also happen to read The Mama Report.  Thank you for following.  Thank you for reading.  But now I want your opinion:)

How do you blog?  A recent blogger that I visit on a weekly basis (Cupcakes and Cashmere) mentioned that even if you are working from home you should get dressed for the day.  Emily Schuman clearly knows what she is talking about, as the woman is way more successful than I.  But honestly, I just prefer to be in pajamas all day long.  I could put on make-up, wear a nice dress, accessorize my jewelry, and enjoy a glass of wine.  But instead I wear my gray/pink polka dot pajamas and enjoy that glass of wine while I type.  But have I been doing it wrong?  Will I be more productive, accomplished, and on-track if I’m dressed for the day?

So my fellow blogger friends, how do you work?

Pajamas or matching ensemble?  I’d appreciate a little insight regarding this philosophy if you have a brief moment:)



  1. It really depends on the day! Right now, I’m in my pjs! 🙂 But some days I’m dressed and ready for the day. Honestly, for me, I think I would be more productive if I had a morning routine and got up and got dressed first every day…but that’s just me! I love living in my pjs, though!!

  2. PJs on my couch in the sitting area of our bedroom while “watching” a TV show with a laptop in my lap! I am dressed up, usually in at least a suit jacket, ALL day long for work, where I spend 40+ hours managing an accounting department of about 30 people. Blogging is my private free time activity – PJs rule!

  3. I spend way too much time in my sweats and T-shirts than I should. I totally agree about getting dressed for the day while working at home and I do think it makes one more productive. I love reading Cupcakes and Cashmere too, and lots of other blogs like hers. The internet is so spectacularly big, and I love the access we have to digital versions of newspapers and magazines. Needless to say, I do spend a lot of time reading blogs and other material, and it is so easy for me to get lost in it. Anyhoo, I love that dress, you look fabulous, and a glass of wine has been known to improve my own blog from time to time. Cheers 🙂

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