Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Sportsmanship Book Review & Giveaway


We were excited to read Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Sportsmanship, since we are huge sports fans in our house!  My 5 year old son is starting to play soccer and T-ball, and sportsmanship is extremely important to my husband and I.  That being said my son is a typical young child and hates to lose.  We create a daily race to the car  to see who gets buckled first, him or his sister.  His sister is in a five point harness and  so it takes longer to buckle her in so he wins on a regular basis, but those times he takes too long getting ready and she gets into the car first, he is not happy.

This book showcases Howard’s sportsmanship or lack thereof for the majority of the book.  At the end Howard does realize that his behavior isn’t good and wants to change his ways.  My 5 year old loves books in general and new books at our house are the best thing.  He really liked this book as it had a lot of pictures and highlights soccer.  Soccer is my son’s current favorite sport.  After we read the book we started talking about the moral of the story, which he understood very well, but he then stated he didn’t like the book.  I was confused because I had assume he did enjoy it.  And when my husband came home from work he wanted himto read the story and he said the same thing to my husband.  We were really confused by this point, as he seemed to enjoy the book as it was read, however upon further discussion with our son we found out that the book hits too close to home.  I think he saw some of his behavior in the book and didn’t like to think that he has some of these tendencies.   This learning curve can be hard for all of us.

I love books that create a great discussion point with my kids and this book was great at sparking a talk in our house on sportsmanship and how people should be treated.  Our son understood what we said, but we will have to see how well it “sinks in”.  Obviously he is thinking the idea through.

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Sportsmanship: Winning Isn’t Everything introduces 4-8 year olds to concepts like respect, camaraderie, teamwork and the pleasure of playing games and sports for the fun of it. There are several free resources to support the book: including the Winning Isn’t Everything song, a printable poster, lessons & discussion questions. Check it out!  

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  1. kathy adler says

    I would love this book-it looks so cute, and I would love to read it to my grandchildren, so thank you in advance for considering me for this.

  2. Ed Nemmers says

    I like “The Power of Giving: A Christmas Story” too!

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