I SPY SUPER CHALLENGER for Leapster ™ Explorer Review



I SPY SUPER CHALLENGER combines I SPY’s intriguing photographs and riddles with fast-paced arcade style games. It will engage players in seek and find play with 50 different I SPY riddles across 20 different photographic scenes. Additionally, four replayable action-packed games will require players to race against the clock while using their thinking, matching, memory and math skills to solve unique I SPY puzzles. The riddles and games become more challenging with each new level unlocked.

My boys have been fans of I Spy books for quite some time.  I remember when my eldest, now seven, was two years old and would sit on my lap and obsessively search the pictures to find each particular item.  My how time flies!  My eldest son now loves to play video games.  Don’t get me wrong he still loves to read, but he definitely has a “fever” for video games.   This new hobby is also his new obsession.  He loves Super Mario Brothers on my husband’s DS, but he isn’t really learning anything by playing that particular game.   I realize that he wants to play fun games, that he finds entertaining, but as a mom, I want him to play games that can teach him something.  Leapster games provide a much need educational video game outlet for my son and an educational aspect that I find important.

My son was excited to try this I Spy game.  I usually only let him play video games in the car as we are traveling, but I made an exception in this case.    As I mentioned earlier we are big fans of the books, however we do not have any experience with the video game versions.    My son loves it!  With five different games, the game has enough variation to keep my son’s attention.  And another aspect that I love, is that the game is easy and challenging.  Unlike some video games that are either easy or too hard, this I Spy game will grow with the child (well at least for a while)  The recommended ages are 5-9, and obviously my son fits right in the middle of the age range at seven years old. Video games like I Spy Super Challenger help my son develop logic and reasoning.  And I love the fact that as he learns more and becomes better at the game more puzzles will be unlocked.  This is a great way to, just as the title suggests “challenge” his mind.

The game promotes problem solving, vocabulary building, mathematics skills, and logic.

Here is a brief look at some of the games.

I Spy Super Challenger for Leapster Explorer will be available for purchase September 2011.

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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