Ice Age Party of Snowy Goodness


Like magic, the day of our Ice Age: Continental Drift Party brought a ton of snow.  My five year old immediately saw the parallel as he looked out the window that morning declaring- the snow came for our party! While it would have been easy to host an Ice Age party regardless of snow, the cold and blustery weather did help to create a warm and cozy feel inside.  We gathered together with some friends of ours for pizza, treats, Ice Age themed activities for the kids, movie watching, and game playing.

This was my backyard on Sunday.

 And this was my kitchen on Sunday.

All the children at our party were already familiar with the movie characters and basic premise of the story.  All of the boys are fans.  Perhaps it was the chilly weather, or maybe their creative juices were just flowing- but there was a lot of concentration as they worked on their activity sheets and colored their Ice Age backpacks. Click the words for some printable Ice Age activity sheets- Dots game, Hidden Objects game, Sudoku, or The Pattern Puzzle.

My boys must have been feeling the Christmas spirit as they decided to wear the bows included with our sets:)  Obviously, it is never dull at my house.  One day they will look at this picture and realize they were wearing something potentially “girlie”, but they felt like they were being ninjas……

My boys were super excited to create Ice Age ice.  This could not have been a more perfect fit for them, as they like to make their own “creations”.  My five year old has been known to fill a cup with water, collect odds and ends from outside- including berries, leaves, and stones- add them to the water, and put it in the freezer.  Once frozen he has a wonderful time chipping away making his “discoveries”.

All that work made for some hungry boys. The parents decided to let the kids have the table therefore adults conversation could remain truly “adult” on the other side of the room:)  Luckily, our children are old enough to mostly tend to themselves.

Next it was time for some movie watching!  The kids immediately grabbed blankets to make themselves cozy during the show.

It took approximately one minute for the kids to burst out in laughter as they watched the movie.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen, the adults had a few moment of uninterrupted bliss playing games.  Though I must admit we would have had fun watching the movie too!

Soon our Ice Age Party was over and our guests had to brave the icy roads to return home.  Our party was a hit and I can’t help but think that a movie marathon of all the Ice Age movies might be in order at our house.  What a great way to spend a blustery and snowy day!

Ice Age: Continental Drift is available today on DVD and Blu-ray today!!  What sort of activities would you do at your own Ice Age Party?




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