International Delight Nighttime Coffee Klatch (#CBias #IcedCoffee)


This past Saturday night was movie night at my house.  I gathered a few girlfriends for treat eating, movie watching, gossip telling, and of course iced coffee drinking.

But before I tell you about the party let me back up a minute.  The entire week before the party I had all three containers (Vanilla, Mocha, and Original)  of International Delight Iced Coffee in my refrigerator on the top shelf.  Every time I opened the frig there they were staring back at me.  I was dying with curiosity.  What would they taste like?  I had a sneaky suspicion I was really going to like them.  Finally the day of the party arrived.  It suddenly occurred to me I was going serve something to my guests that I had not even tasted.  It was officially time to crack them open.  After my first taste I was reaffirmed that I made a wise decision not to open the containers until that moment.  I’m not sure I would have had any left for my friends!

I was not up for cooking a great deal so instead we had simple heat and serve appetizers, shrimp cocktail, cake pops, popcorn, and iced coffee to drink.  You can’t tell from the pictures, but I color coded the straws to match the cap of the container.  This way everyone would know exactly which ones they were drinking.

Being a nighttime party we decided to add a little something “extra” to our drinks.  Everyone was initially impressed with the taste of the iced coffee, but they really liked it with the added liquor. Perhaps I had too much “extra” to my drink as my camera is a bit jiggly:)

I was worried that drinking iced coffee this late at night would have me up to an ungodly hour, but I don’t think the caffeine is especially high as I did not have a problem falling asleep that night.

I commented to my friends right away that I really liked the Vanilla.  This seemed to be the all around favorite, but I can’t help but wonder if I influenced that decision.  My friend Elaine commented that “the original and vanilla didn’t have a big taste difference”.  I believe that they do taste very similar with the vanilla being a bit sweeter.

We were all surprised at the quality of the iced coffee.  Purchasing such a large quantity at Walmart we would (almost) expect it to be watered down and not so flavorful.  More than one guest commented that it was as good as coffeehouse iced coffee.

We also discussed how wonderful this would be in the heat of summer.  Winter time in Minnesota doesn’t exactly lend itself well to iced coffee (perhaps except this mild winter), but summer time can be unmercifully hot.   It would be so easy and convenient to have some at the ready in your own refrigerator, no need to make an iced coffee run to a local fast food joint or coffee shop.

You can probably figure out which movie we watched based solely from the pictures!  It was a good thing we had some coffee as the movie was almost three hours long!

Check out my Google + story for the full details on where to purchase International Delight Iced Coffee.

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#IcedCoffee Twitter Party Details

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  1. What a fun party and I love the “extra” something you snuck in there, lol!

  2. looks like you had fun…thanks a bunch!!!


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