The Mama Report Interviews Jewel & a Pampers Prize Pack Giveaway


Last week, I interviewed Jewel.  Seriously, I’m not kidding.  I actually had a little chat with Jewel (one-on-one for about 10 minutes).  I was very excited, as I have been a big fan of this talented singer/songwriter/actress for quite some time.  Jewel has partnered together with Pampers in support of  the “Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments” that parents share together with their little ones.  Jewel is the mom to 14 month old Kase and is in the midst of these blissful morning moments, plus she has a recently-released children’s book, ‘That’s What I’d Do.’

As the mom of three little boys I have had a plethora of beautiful morning moments.  And I can attest after a using a variety of different diapers- Pampers is the best diaper for my family.   Those magical morning moments can only happen when a baby or toddler is dry- the alternative morning scenario is icky, gross, and just not the way to start your day:)  Pampers does the best job at leaving my son dry at all times.

But back to my interview with Jewel.  Only my husband could truly appreciate how exciting this opportunity was for me.  Back when we were in college he sweetly purchased her poetry books for me one Christmas.  And I believe he has probably purchased a few of her albums for me as well.   Regardless he couldn’t resist the urge to tease me as I was preparing my questions.  He wanted me to ask her- “who will save your soul”?  Hmmmm…clearly I was going to have to prepare the questions on my own:)

Though he likes to tease, he was actually very proud.  He snapped the pick below to post via Facebook.  The look on my face clearly says, “Honey, I’m on the phone with Jewel, get your darn picture fast cause I have to pay attention”.

So what did Jewel and I chat about?  Our children and parenting, of course! Jewel is well read and frequently consults books regarding different aspects of parenting.  She also has a group of friends with children that are older who can provide any needed advice.  She did mention that since she didn’t grow up with her mom, she was initially concerned about her mothering style.  But after Kase was born she instinctively knew what to do.   She also does not have a nanny and does not depend upon others for the care of her son.  She is very much self-sufficient and that’s how she wants it to be.  I told her I was the same way, but that by the time my third one came around that perspective starts to change:)

Clearly she enjoys her mornings and every moment with her little one.  Jewel and Pampers celebrate those special morning moments, but they are truly celebrating the joy of motherhood- something I can truly relate to.

Through December 7, 2012, parents are being given the chance to win daily prize packs poised to enhance beautiful mornings together with their baby – complete with ‘must-haves’ like digital cameras, story books, diapers, wipes and more. One grand prize recipient will be selected to win a $5,000 gift card that can be applied to “designing” their family’s ideal beautiful morning moment. Parents can participate by visiting the Pampers Facebook Page and clicking on the Pampers “30 Days of Prizes” tab.

Pampers has kindly offered on lucky Mama Report reader a “Beautiful Mornings” gift package!  Woo hoo!  I’m so excited for you!

The prize pack includes-

  • 1 pack of cruisers
  • 1 pack of baby dry
  • 1 tub of sensitive wipes
  • Nikon Coolpix camera
  • That’s What I’d Do Children’s Book – By Jewel- AUTOGRAPHED
  • The Merry Goes Round DELUXE CD – By Jewel

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. only.  Winner will be verified.

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I have been compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.


  1. I love going in to my baby’s room when he wakes up. He is super smiley and so happy to see me. He feet go straight up in the air and he lets out a squeal every time….I LOVE IT!

  2. My little one wakes up with a big smile and hug for me every morning.

  3. I would imagine them waking up and when they see you, they smile and reach out for you 🙂

  4. My favorite is spending the quality time with kids in the morning before they head off for the day, talking about the day ahead and letting them know how much I love them. Thanks.

  5. When my daughter crawls into bed to snuggle with us

  6. wendy rozema says

    when i see him smile 1st thing in the morning!

  7. When My daughter comes in my room and says mommy its morning time with a big smile on her face.

  8. chelesa sims says

    My son wakes up and looks for me to cuddle with

  9. Christina Burrell says

    My sweet girl wakes me up with a kiss and sings the backpack song from Dora :-).

  10. Kimberly Bauer says

    Morning kisses from my girls!

  11. Christina Oddy says

    that first hug in the morning!

  12. I always liked the first smile every morning.

  13. Thomas Murphy says

    I love making my kids breakfast in the morning

  14. Having breakfast with them.

  15. seeing smile when they wake up

  16. I love when my grandson is so excited to see me in the morning and says “Oh hi Grandmama!”

  17. Janet Vickers says

    I love morning snuggles!

  18. I love seeing my little boys smiling face when I go to pick him up in the morning. It melts my heart and makes all the hard work worth it!

  19. chantal cooper says

    Waking up to her as she sleeps right next to me

  20. I love hearing him wake up in the morning and he’s giggling I walk in there and he’s on all fours bobbing back and fourth making the crib moving and he sees me and gets the biggest smile on his face rows over and puts his hands up

  21. I love that my baby girl has to give me a good morning hug and kiss every morning before she will do anything else, including eat!!!!

  22. Caitlin Chapman says

    i am pregnant with #2 currently, so i am cherishing every little moment my toddler and i have were it is just us. soon, he will have a sibling to share our first morning snuggles in “mama and daddys big bed” ! he always crawls in with us and snuggles for some time before we start the day!

  23. I’m imagining a sleep through the night sleep and her waking up with smiles and giggles….sigh… 🙂

  24. Karen Glatt says

    The beautiful morning that I look forward to is that tousled hair and smiley face looking up at me when I come into the room to get him!

  25. The morning smiles & hugs are the best part.

  26. Jennifer Rote says

    Cuddle time, love it.

  27. She gives me a gib squeeze and starts to pat my back. Very funny.

  28. I cant wait till both my girls are old enough to run into my bed in the morning for cuddle time

  29. Amanda Rauch says

    Well my little one is now 18, but my favorite times were when he was just waking up, before the hussle and bussle of the day started. Everything was so peaceful and serene. I miss those quiet moments.

  30. courtney hennagir says

    my daughter is so happy in the morning when she wakes up that no matter how tired i am,her little face makes me forget about it.i love our morning cuddles and hearing her tiny giggle.there’s nothing better.

  31. Smiling faces and laughter

  32. Amanda Sakovitz says

    laughter and lots of hugs & kisses 🙂

  33. Gina Ferrell says

    When my daughter wakes up with a smile on her face and says mommy I love you and gives me a hug.

  34. My favorite is when they wake up in the morning and are so happy to see me 🙂

  35. I love making them breakfast and eating together

  36. Michelle Dehowy says

    Singing to my little one.

  37. When my little one wakes in the morning.

  38. Jessica Beard says

    I love reading with my son in the mornings.

  39. cuddling together and watching cartoons

  40. Waking up beside my daughter and hearing her say Good Morning, Mommy,I love you

  41. Watching them smile as they wake up, and once they do awaken, they coo and smile at you.

  42. My favorite part is seeing them smile!

  43. Cassandra Eastman says

    I love in the mornings how happy my kids are to see me, and I am happy to see them as well! We eat breakfast and relax for a while, I love my mornings with them!

  44. Sharon Schoepe says

    The best part of my morning is having them climb into bed with me for some cuddle time.

  45. Just cuddling in bed together!

  46. With my babies, my favorite part of the morning was looking into their eyes. Their eyes always seemed so bright and huge when they were first waking up. It always made me grateful for the chance to spend another day together.

  47. The first smile every morning.

  48. My little one gives me a hug in the morning.

  49. Sarah Harding says

    My son gives me good ,morning hugs and pats on the back

  50. special bonding time 🙂
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  51. I love to wake up with my Grandaughter!

  52. Tari Lawson says

    I love cuddling with my son in the morning.

  53. Keisa Rogers says

    My kids wake me up with a good morning mommy i love you every day 🙂

  54. Ashley turicik says

    I love how happy my kids are in the morning. I love our breakfast time the most they are so silly

  55. I love seeing my son’s grin when I get him out of the crib in the morning.

  56. Tara Liebing says

    I just love the mornings when I wake up and my son is happy and smiling

  57. waking up to a smiley baby

  58. Michelle H. says

    I love morning giggles and lots of sloppy kisses

  59. Carrie Phelps says

    As a parent to two children, Mimi to two grandsons and finally a granddaughter my beautiful mornings are all about her. She is the sweetest baby I’ve been fortunate enough to know. She wakes every morning with a smile on her face and eager to give morning hugs & kisses!

  60. Tracy Pryor says

    I love how we still sit in his rocking chair for a few mins every morning before its time to get and and great ready for work and school.

  61. Still having them walk out all bleary eyed at 7 and 9 and sit on my lap as they wake up. I hope it never changes

  62. Messy bedhead, sleepy eyes, and sweet kisses at the breakfast table!

  63. Michelle S says

    Enjoying some quiet time and being together

  64. shelby brigham says

    i love that my son wakes up full of energy and ready to start his day all happy

  65. I love how excited she is when I go and get her in the morning.

  66. Christy Anderson says

    Seeing a big smile on their face when I see them first thing in the morning!

  67. The first morning smile and hug

  68. caitlin tate says

    first hug and kiss

  69. I love the mornings when he wakes up happy. When I come in the room, his face lights up, and he points excitedly to the window so that I will open it up for him to greet the world.

  70. Jenny Sims says

    Saturday mornings are my favorite, we have a dance party and make pancakes! Makes me feel like I’m doing something right as a mom.

  71. ELIZABETH C. says

    My 3 kids jump into bed with me in the morning and love to cuddle. I LOVE IT !!!

  72. ELIZA ELLIOT says

    a new camera would be great to capture every morning more…we just don’t take enough pictures.

  73. When she rushes to greet me Good Morning and kisses me!

  74. softly kissing my babies to wake them up

  75. The best part is my little one calling “moooommmmy!” and me walking in to a huge smile and cuddle.

  76. My “little ones” are cats, so I just like all the cuddles and purrs when I get up every day!

  77. Renee Richardson says

    I love talking to them in the morning. Even when it is just jibberish..LOL!! Cool interview and thanks for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  78. I love when he giggles, and tells me he loves me

  79. My daughter always wakes up happy. She’s got a smile and kiss for her mama! I love it!

  80. Kathleen Fitzsimmons says

    Morning kisses!

  81. Sleepy little smiles.

  82. i love seeing my daughter smile

  83. I imagine quiet mornings of rocking and nursing. I’ll find out soon enough if that is how it plays out.

  84. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I love how happy they start the day!

  85. I like the way their hair curls a little damply on the back of their neck when they first get up.

  86. Jessica Rose says

    I imagine that the best part would be seeing them smile at you!

  87. sharon gullikson says

    Giggling at silly stuff makes me smile.

  88. Virginia Rowell says

    Seeing them waking up and having a big smile on their face when they see me.

  89. tami primm says

    i love seeing her face when she wakes up in the morning

  90. Mari Macedo says

    Waking them up by kissing their cheek and them saying “Mommy”. I think that moment will be priceless!

  91. My favorite part is hearing my son call for me and then smother me with kisses in the morning

  92. Dorothy Deakyne says

    The smile every morning is worth’s its weight in gold

  93. I love knocking on her door and hearing her come running to the door saying “mommy, mommy, mommy”

  94. Karen Gonyea says

    That moment when he opens his eyes and sees me and smiles 🙂

  95. The best part with my son is that he always wakes up happy, all smiles and kisses.

  96. Jennifer M. says

    My favorite moment is seeing my little boy’s smiling face.

  97. The best moment is when they wake up with the sleepy smile!

  98. I love those good morning smiles 🙂

  99. Monique Rizzo says

    Having Starbucks with my daughter on Friday mornings.
    Thanks for the chance.

  100. I love when my son babbles to himself when he wakes up, then when he sees me, he gets this great big goofy grin on his face =) Priceless.

  101. I love it when my grandchildren are at my house and they wake up and want to be cuddled.

  102. I love the morning cuddles with my little ones.

  103. I love cuddling in bed with my kiddies!

  104. Julie Smith says

    I love singing “Good Morning” to my son as he wakes up – it always gives him a smile!

  105. I love eating breakfast together

  106. I have two sons, my oldest gives me a big hug in the morning when I wake him up. My youngest is three months old and I just love the smiles I get when I pick him up. It’s nice to feel so loved by two little miracles.

  107. always happy to see you!

  108. I just love getting my little girl out of bed, she curls up in my arms and makes me feel like her protector

  109. Andrew Johnson says

    Smiling after sleeping ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE NIGHT.

  110. That Morning Breath Kiss!!

  111. My favorite part of the morning is when my husband goes to say goodbye to our two year old and she’s too tired to get up so she waves her hand while still having her eyes closed!

  112. The big smile and the cuddling !

  113. My kids are big snugglers in the morning. I love that, and I know I will miss this stage when it’s over!

  114. love when my youngest says ” goo’ mo’nin mommy”

  115. I love the morning kisses and hugs 🙂

  116. Sonya Morris says

    Snuggling and seeing how happy they are!

  117. amy williams says

    My sone is six and he still sleeps with us half the time and my husband goes to work early so by the time I wake on weekends which is still early my 12 yr old is in our bed too sitting there with his brother watching tv and waiting on me I love that they are the first people I see when I wake

  118. Nothing makes a morning more beautiful than waking up to those two gorgeous smiles. We love our piggy back rides down to the breakfast table!

  119. amy pugmire says


  120. tammy haynes says

    Racing to see who gets the baby first. That makes a good morning

  121. Our boys climb into our bed and we all snuggle for a while before having to start the day.

  122. Rebecca Batton says

    I love the sweet, sleepy smiles my girls give me in the mornings!

  123. I love it when they crawl into bed with and snuggle.

  124. My little one sleeps with me, so the best part of the morning is waking up and snuggling under the covers.

  125. Kendal Barriere says

    the best part of the mornings is waking them up. THey are always so happy and joyful in the mornings!

  126. singing the good morning song that my mom used to sing to me!

  127. I love good morning snuggles

  128. i love when my daughter wakes up and we sing the good morning song

  129. The favorite part of the morning for me is when my daughter first wakes up. She’s so sleepy and smiley…I love it!

  130. seeing there happy faces and hugs

  131. Holly Adams says

    I love my sweet babies big smile every day. She only has the two bottom teeth and she gives me a big grin with her teeth sticking out…it melts my heart.

  132. I love when she sneaks up to my bed in the morning and peeks at me until I wake up. Then she says, “I need a cuddle.”

  133. tanya bright says

    my baby is so happy and smiley in the morning

  134. Morning kisses and hugs from my daughters.

  135. I love how my baby smiles at me the first thing in the morning. It makes getting up at 4:45 with her for the day so much more pleasant!

  136. Morning snuggles!

  137. Gloria Geck says

    Wonderful products, who wouldn’t want use them? Never a disappointment. Love them.

  138. My favorite part of the morning is seeing my little ones’ faces light up and getting a great big hug after a long night’s sleep.

  139. Well, after having so many siblings, I think my favorite part would be when they wake up in the mornings in a happy sweet mood and want to cuddle.

  140. Liza Glick says

    I love when my kids climb into my bed to snuggle with me!

  141. they usually wake up happy singing and dancing and giggling

  142. Molly Bussler says

    Waking up to a happy baby, and mommy getting enough sleep. 😀

  143. Going into my babies room kissing them on the cheeks and saying good morning mommy loves you! and watching them grin as they open their sleepy little eyes is such a beautiful morning!

  144. Nikki Strong says

    Reflection and time with my babies 🙂

  145. I love it when my son runs into my room and wakes me up!

  146. i would bet that the best time would be when they crawl into bed with you. even though its sad to see but when a nightmare, the feeling of security a parent can bring would be great!

  147. We’re in a full house so I like having the time alone with my daughter, when everyone else is sleeping.

  148. Laura Lane says


  149. I think I’d love smiling at them first thing in the morning!

  150. My daughter waking up wth her beautfuol smile on her face, saying “Good Mornng Mommy”.

  151. Beautiful prize pack!

  152. i love his huge cheesy grin peeking out the top of his crib in the mornings!

  153. Just watching her wake up with a smile on her face is a beautiful morning enough for me…the rest is just extra bonus!

  154. Danielle Davis/Grady says

    Waking up to hugs & kisses & an i love you mommy is the best! 🙂
    Thank you!

  155. really love the cuddles.

  156. Sleepy brains are sweet! I love the fuzzy ‘I love yous’ mixed with yawns!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  157. I love mornings in bed with my kids

  158. I love my daughter and I snuggling in the mornings.

  159. Krystal Brown says

    I love waking up to my messy haired smiling baby!She always makes my day so bright!!

  160. My daughter always wants to cuddle when she wakes. up.

  161. I love morning cuddles. Warm baby bodies are the best!

  162. jules mcnubbin says

    just seeing my daughters smiles in the morning was always the best way to start the day

  163. Sarah Davis says

    When my son wakes up happy, dry, and wanting to play!

  164. Listening to the baby squeak in excitement when she wakes up and seeing her huge smile when i go to pick her up!

  165. Ashley Hatten says

    Waking up 🙂 ALways in a good mood and ready to play

  166. Aubree Faunce says

    I love waking up to chaos and knowing I have my beautiful children!!!

  167. I love having my daughter come and snuggle close to me on the couch while I do my morning prayer journaling.

  168. I love having the entire morning to ourselves with the other kids at school

  169. Gina Brickell says

    The best part is the first smile of the day!

  170. Shannon Wotton says

    I never get tired of photographing the little rug-rats! sometimes i have to remind myself to put the camera down and enjoy time with them. 🙂

  171. waking up to their sweet little smiles

  172. He is always so happy and energized in the morning. It just brings a smile to my face!

  173. When my twins are jumping in their crib

  174. Stephanie Larison says

    I love waking up to her singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in my ear.

  175. Jennifer H says

    every morning we wake up and says morning and give kisses 🙂

  176. Victoria Carlson says

    I love walking in to see a huge smile on her face even if she was just crying 🙂

  177. My kids are older now but it was and still is their smiling faces!

  178. April Yedinak says

    My favorite part of mornings are all the hugs my kids give me.

  179. Jess McCarthy says

    My littlest one says “Mama, I need to snuggle with you!” – LOVE that!

  180. Baby smiles first thing in the morning.

  181. Just seeing my little one’s smile.

  182. We don’t have kiddo’s but I think cuddle time first thing in the morning would be great. I hear that parents love that!

  183. Katie Contests says

    Sleepy cuddling is adorable!

  184. My little boy waking me up to kisses!

  185. Jennifer Nixon says

    I love how she hugs my neck & sags hi in my ear every morning 🙂

  186. Seeing they face light up and smile.

  187. I love cuddling watching morning cartoons with my son

  188. My favorite morning moments are when they jump on my bed and want to snuggle!

  189. I love her sleepy morning smiles when she first wakes up

  190. When my son leans in for a kiss!

  191. The best part of my mornings with my two little ones is seeing their faces when they come to the side of my bed and say “Morning!” Thanks for the chance to win. XO

  192. I love cuddling in the morning.

  193. Big smiles & kisses!

  194. Nick Bratton says

    I love the morning wake up with my fellow youtube fanatic. Gandum style youtube put him in the zone

  195. Natosha Zachary says

    My 3 year old sleeps with me, yeah I know, and if he wakes before me, he positions his head a few inches above mine until I wake up. When I wake, he says “hold”, which translates to “cuddle me.”

  196. Pretty smiles in the morning!

  197. I used to LOVE that first moment where it would be just me and the baby, no one else in the house would be up, the sun is just barely rising, so the light is soft and everythings quiet and just the complete love, trust and safety in my babies eyes as I would feed them breakfast – or even just take a minute to cuddle with them quietly before everyone got up & everything got crazy. That moment with just me & my child, those are the moments that I’ll never forget, that make being a Mom worth it b<3

  198. Angela Williams says

    The perfect morning was like this morning when my daughter gave me a kiss and said, ” I woof you, Mama”

  199. clean pjs and crib

  200. The first hug of the morning is always the best!

  201. I love when she wakes up & the 1st thing she wants is a hug

  202. I love when my little girl wakes up and smiles and has wild hair and needs her mommy and daddy:) best feeling ever

  203. Dona Keyton says

    When I go see my Great Nephew, born October 12th, and get to hold him and feed him, just the smell of hime is so awesome! Somebody needs to make a room scent of new-born baby!

  204. A lucky Aunt I am – two of my sisters are due with new babies in February. I would share the love of this great giveaway!

  205. when my little guy wakes up & comes into our bed to snuggle before getting up for the day…..and the first hug & kiss from each of my kiddos

  206. morning snuggles 🙂

  207. Christina Brundick says

    the quiet before they wake up,seeing them sleeping so peacefully

  208. Jl Johnson says

    chatting about our dreams
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  209. My youngest is 1 and he plays in his crib for quite awhile when he first gets up. I love watching him on the video monitor and when I go in, his face lights up and he starts babbling away! I love it!

  210. I always love watching her smile and giggle at me when I hover over her crib for my morning kisses and snuggles.

  211. I love when my son gives me a hug. It melts my heart every time. 🙂

  212. Snuggling in bed for awhile after she first wakes up. Watching Sesame Street or reading books

  213. I really enjoyed the morning part when they jump into bed and cuddle and watch TV before starting our day. *sigh*

  214. Steph Coupons says

    my morning hugs~

  215. Sarah Hall says

    When the baby wakes up all smiley and sweet and snuggles up to my chest.

  216. Smiles, Hugs, Kisses and I LOVE YOU’s… plus, knowing it’s another day with the love of my life, my SON!

  217. I love waking up with my son just staring at me. When I open my eyes, he smiles and says “hi mommy.” Best start to the day ever!

  218. When my daughter was little she liked to cuddle in the morning and I read books to her. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! 🙂

  219. Jennifer Jordan says

    Your baby seeing you first thing in the morning and their eyes lighting up!

  220. jennifer shaw says

    My girls smiles and hugs

  221. My little one’s happy face and big hugs every morning

  222. One of our beautiful moments is having breakfast together each morning.

  223. Jennifer K. C. says

    my daughter waddling out of bed, yelling momma, to come give me a hug and kiss

  224. Giving morning kisses to my kiddos!

  225. Seeing a precious smile, when he first wakes up.

  226. tam childers says

    best part is the morning snugglesin bed

  227. Kelli Wood says

    I love waking up with my son all cuddled up with me in the morning! I love watching him sleep its so peaceful!

  228. I love how he gets to snuggle with me after Daddy brings him in from his bed. We both enjoy hanging out in bed until we’re ready to get up!

  229. Honestly mornings are super tough around here, but when the kids wake up happy and smiling that is the best!

  230. watching the clarity as he wakes and realizes, hey it’s mommy followed by a “hey mommy!”

  231. courtney b says

    waking up to a beautiful sunset with my baby girl:)

  232. Michele P. says

    my thing is waking up and heading to the living room to cuddle with my grandsons and 11 yr old as we watch cartoons and eat cereal and milk on weekends.

  233. Audrey Knox says

    Aww so cute!

  234. Heidi Daily says

    I love all the smiles

  235. That cheerful sweetness of a well rested child makes me so happy!

  236. Wendy Pogrant says

    When my daughter was little she liked to cuddle

  237. Adrianne B says

    When my little girl wakes up in the morning so excited to start her adventures, it sets the tone for the whole day! We have lovely morning rituals and I fall asleep anticipating a great day ahead of us together!

  238. see the first smile of the day!

  239. We always, always say to each other “Good Morning Sunshine”.
    Every morning since he could take (going on 5 years now!)

    Samantha D
    dull2000 at cox dot net

  240. Amanda Hoffman says

    my son when he smiles knowing im awake. last week it sounded like he said wake up 🙂

  241. the smile on my sons face when i open the door in the mornings

  242. waking up to “good morning mom, what are we going to do today”. And those smiling faces.

  243. smelling the nursery… baby smell!!

  244. kimberly holly says

    hi smile as he wakes up

  245. use to love to cuddle…now we are lucky to cuddle our 4 year old grandson when he spends the night

  246. Juan Sanchez says

    Waking up to see a beautiful smile!

  247. no kids.. but when my niece and nephew sleepover they always come jump on me to wake me up 🙂

  248. My son comes and snuggles with me when he wakes up in the morning. He makes me smile

  249. My daughter always climbs into to bed and turns off the alarm clock in the morning

  250. seeing their happy smiles!

  251. I love snuggling with my little one I know he won’t always want to.

  252. Danielle Porter says

    I would imagine it would just be waking up and seeing their smile!

  253. when she wakes up she says COOKIE!! I love it!!

  254. jorjanna hacken says

    Just letting them know that what ever they encounter during their day to know that they are loved and they are meant for greatness.

  255. i love how happy mine are in the morning!

  256. Snuggling in bed together, listening to his silly baby babble is the best part of every morning.


    My LO squeezes me and gives me a big kiss!!!

  258. The best part is the “I’m so happy to see you I can hardly contain myself” look and wiggle.

  259. Jennifer Isbell says

    the bigest smiles he gives all day love it

  260. When she crawls up in my recliner to snuggle with me – love those moments!

  261. my favorite part is snuggling with my kids when they first wake up…

  262. Becky Sandusky says

    My son is the cuddliest in the morning. He always wakes up happy to see me and gives me a big kiss.

  263. When they wake up & first see you in the morning with a big smile on their face.

  264. I love seeing her smiling face when she first opens her eyes and sees me there 🙂

  265. I love it when my baby boy wakes up in the morning and starts cooing and when I go to get him he is all excited and starts kicking his legs and has a big smile 🙂

  266. As a mother of 3, my beautiful morning moments occur when I’m able to spend a little bit of one on one time with each child as they wake up and get ready for the day. Those moments are so precious for me and for each of my girls and I truly value and relish them!

  267. Elaine Heaney says

    making pancakes together!

  268. I love it when my youngest is in a good mood when he wakes.

  269. Michael and Ellen Casper says

    Sweet smile!

  270. I imagine it would be morning snuggles or smiles! 🙂

  271. I love when I’ve been able to have my grandaughter stay over & I get a hug 1st thing

  272. I love getting still sleepy hugs and cuddles in the morning. 🙂

  273. Eating breakfast with my little grandchildren makes it a beautiful morning.

  274. I love early morning nursing cuddles with my baby smiling at me and rubbing my arm.

  275. kindra baron says

    when I first go in their room, they are so excited to see me & still snuggly!

  276. The good morning hug is the very best part

  277. Cuddle time in the morning

  278. Stephanie P. says

    Snuggle time

  279. morning cuddling

  280. they all want to sit on my lap and snuggle
    tcogbill at live dot com

  281. We co sleep.. So a beautiful morning is being smothered in kisses

  282. My little guy always wakes up happy and smiling. But hungry.

  283. Definitely that big smile on her face.

    Love that you got to talk to Jewel. So lucky. I have always loved her.

  284. Snuggling with me in the morning!

  285. when he falls asleep on my shoulder after his morning burps. hearing his little sleeping noises right in my ear and his soft feather-like hair on my cheek – heaven.

  286. Leslie Galloway says

    I love how snuggly my little ones are in the morning. It’s so sweet!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  287. sindy murray says

    I like how my son wakes up just in time for me take his siblings to school,grabs his clothes and shoes and hand it to me with a big smile!!

  288. Melanie Mervin says

    My favorite part about our mornings is when my kids wake up & come tell me “Good morning Mommy!” 🙂

  289. My beautiful morning moment is when my 17 month old daughter sits up with a big smile on her face, and starts pointing at everything in the room. She’s so excited to wake up and play every morning. Such a beautiful thing!

  290. My little one is such a positive force of nature in the morning. She is excited to begin her day.

  291. I can imagine the best of my morning would be like when I see my niece and nephew in the morning and they look up at you and that little light in there eye catches mine I know they are happy to see me and I feel over joyed can’t wait to have these moments with my children some day

  292. Lately my son has been getting out of bed on his own,and sneaking in my room to snuggle, its so nice to get a little extra sleep and I cherish our snuggle time 🙂

  293. Cuddling in bed 🙂

  294. Heather Swarthout says

    My daughter wakes me up every morning when I hear her saying “Mommy, mommy” and fussing in the other room. Sometimes she sits and talks to herself for a little bit before I come get her. It’s definitely something I look forward to every morning!

  295. The very early moments of pure silence before all the chaos begins.

  296. Morning hugs

  297. Thanks, a camera would be great.

  298. My other two are quite a bit older now, so mornings aren’t always beautiful lol. I do remember when I used to wake them gently and they would smile upon waking, I loved that. That is probably the one thing I am looking forward to the most with the LO on the way!

  299. I love the smiles that cross my twins faces when they see me when they first wake up <3

  300. Seeing the excitement on my baby’s face when I get him up in the morning.

  301. I love to eat breakfast together as a family before work!

  302. Good Morning Mom followed by kiss and hug every morning.

  303. I don’t have children of my own , but the associate paster at my church just had triplet boys. I know they could use the diaper prize pack and the camera

  304. Lucy Nguyen says

    Waking up to see my little one sleeping deeply and peaceful

  305. Misses Giveaways says

    My son stretching! I always think he looks so cute

  306. getting a sweet smile from my baby niece

  307. Seeing my son smile at me first thing in the morning when he wakes up

  308. Getting in bed with my daughter and snuggling until she’s ready to really wake up.

  309. alena svetelska says

    when my daughter smile at me and hugs me and give me kiss on a cheeck

  310. Sacha Schroeder says

    Cuddling is my favorite!

  311. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Smiley mornings from my 11 month old son! Wish I could wake up as happy as he always is!

  312. bradley howard says

    the laugh when i get my son in the morning… so adorable

  313. When she sees me first thing in the morning and smiles

  314. My wife and I get up together and work together all day it’s great 24 every day.

  315. kelley roach says

    i like waking up and seeing my baby

  316. son waking up

  317. yvonne torres says

    a beautiful morning is getting hugs and kisses and “i love you” from my little ones 🙂

  318. loyri halliburton says

    Listening to my son singing nursery rymes in the mornings.

  319. Love it when I hear my baby talk in his crib in the morning!

  320. The best part would be getting that first smile.


  322. Silly hair styles!

  323. I love the personal one on one time, before the busy days.
    Thanks for the chance.

  324. We are hoping to start a family anytime now! I can imagine walking into the nursery to their smiley face would be one of the greatest enjoyments as a parent.

  325. warming by the fire with cocoa and coffee. they always tell me luv you momma

  326. I imagine the best part would be seeing their little faces

  327. They’re just so happy in the morning 🙂 such a pure joy.

  328. Ellen Russell says

    I love how my two year old comes and says, “Good morning!” so cutely and gives me a hug 🙂

  329. Laura Bradley says

    sleeping in!

  330. andrea dimario says

    morning snuggling with my little bundle of joy

  331. My 6 month old is an early riser – we usually have about an hour of quiet cuddle time before the rest of the house wakes up. Love it!

  332. That is a quiet bonding time

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  333. I love when everybody is a good mood and ready for the day ahead.

  334. I have a baby due in 12 days…I imagine my favorite aspect of a beautiful morning will be holding her and seeing her precious smile.

  335. robyn paris says

    i remember sitting her on the bathroom sink while i brushed her hair

  336. micheal dale grim says

    for me its when my little one opens up those big brown eyes ,and gives my that big smile!!!

  337. My favorite part of the morning is when she wakes up, hair in a mess and is so happy just to be awake.

  338. I love how they run into my room in the morning, like they are so excited to see us first thing!

  339. kathy pease says

    I use to love to snuggle with my kids and watch a few cartoons in the mornings

  340. just found i’m pregnant and could really use this

  341. Debra Pauley says

    I would imagine them waking up and when they see you, they smile and reach out for you.

  342. The crazy bed-hair when they lift their head and give you a smile!!!
    Not much can top that.

  343. Being served coffee in bed. I can dream.

  344. Theresa Clift says

    The joy that there is no worry on that little one’s mind that mommy can’t fix. I am wet mommy will fix that. I am hungry mommy will fix that, I am board there is mommy to play with me.

  345. Padma Miller says

    I like the cuddling in the morning.

  346. I love my kids smile, and they smile for every one, they are so good and have a great hosting features

  347. After breakfast, I like the burping over my chest, creating one heartbeat!

  348. laurie brown says

    Love the early morning hugs and kisses before breakfast

  349. I love those first few moments with my baby in the morning before the older siblings wake up.

  350. I don’t have any little ones of my own, but when I’m staying with my niece I love that first smile of the morning when she looks up at me!


  351. Aimee Fontenot says

    I think the best part would be seeing the smile on your child’s face when they see you and feeling the same way.

  352. The Mom-ma! calls coming from the crib. So sweet.

  353. Christina Strapp says

    I love when I go in my daughter’s room and she is standing in her crib with a big smile and gets excited when I pick her up. I love when she wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a big hug!

  354. I always love it when they first wake up, stretch and then snuggle. Thanks for the giveaway.

  355. DawanaBittersweet Existence says

    Waking up to his itty bitty face is a beautiful morning. I’m still in awe of him and feel so blessed that we have him. I just love staring into his big, bright eyes.

  356. When my daughter wakes up in the morning, she likes to crawl into my bed with me, and cuddle for a few minutes until she wakes up. Just like Mommy, she needs a minute until she’s ready to go in the morning!

  357. watching them get up from their slumber and then getting wound up for the day

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  358. Would be a wonderful gift for my friend at work.

  359. warm morning cheeks

  360. I don’t personally have any kids, but being around my niece in the mornings, the best part is honestly seeing how loveable and full of life she is. Her smile is a great start to any day.

  361. Naomi Osborn says

    I love our early morning “conversations” – he’s two months old now, and just loves to “chat”!

  362. waking up with snuggles and sitting together for breakfast

  363. Samantha Meyer says

    I imagine the best part would be their smile!

  364. Snuggling & seeing their smiling facings is the best part 🙂

  365. Priscilla Benavides says

    Waking up and seeing their beautiful smiling faces and being a parent, taking care of their needs and wants!

  366. I love when my kids come into my run and cuddle with me before getting ready for the day!

  367. snuggling, sleeping, and smiles

  368. Rebecca Williams says

    Cuddling in the bed before we get up for the day is one of the moments I”ll miss when she thinks she is to old for it!

  369. Those shy walks into the living room and a bright smile on her face just melts my heart.

  370. joyce-ellen holmes says

    starting the day fresh, my kids are always SO HAPPY in the mornings~!

  371. Cuddling!!

  372. When she snuggles me before getting out of bed

  373. Kisses and I love u

  374. Ashley Morrissey says

    That first morning smile and giggle, the cuddles, the way he holds the hand I use to hold his head up while breastfeeding. Just..everything. He’s one special little boy.

  375. We co-sleep and I love waking up to their smiling faces in the morning

  376. watching them wakeup with a smile

  377. Cassandra McCann says

    the best part would be the morning after the baby sleeps all through the night

  378. I love watching her wake up and grin at me!

  379. Elizabeth Miller says

    Hugs and kisses.

  380. CHristine JEnsen says

    I like snuggling on the couch in the morning

  381. Leslie L. Stanziani says

    i love the smile first thing in the morning and then the bear hugs I get from my youngest.

  382. Kari Flores says

    My favorite moment is watching my baby wake and seeing the huge smile they have for me every morning.

  383. Nothing better than waking up to little ones bouncing on the bed

  384. Michael Lambert says

    I love when my daughter gives me smiles and hugs when I walk into her room in the mornings.

  385. Sylvia Ortiz says

    A Beautiful Mornings would be when I stand and stare at my precious child, watching them so peaceful – and then when they open their eyes and smile to see me standing there with a bottle ready in my hands.

  386. cynthia layton says

    the smiles

  387. Kerrie Mayans says

    Morning cuddles before everyone else in the house gets up and gets ready for the day.

  388. When she first wakes up and I get to sing good morning song

  389. The delighted grin when they first see you. 🙂

  390. susan smoaks says

    A beautiful morning is any morning we wake up as a family, happy and healthy!!!

  391. Noelle Cameron says

    I love going into his bedroom in the morning when he wakes up, he smiles at me so wonderful!

  392. Lori Miller says

    I love cuddling with my boys! Nothing like snuggle time!

  393. Hi, I really want this for my babies. Love to get it

  394. Danielle F. says

    Just being able to lay in bed and cuddle and not have to worry about all the hustle and bustle of the days coming

  395. Rickie Hinrichs says

    nice and dry

  396. Jennifer Griffin says

    I love when my son crawls into bed with me in the morning!

  397. Rachel Ellis says

    Seeing my boys’ smiling faces first thing in the morning!

  398. Paula Tavernie says

    Cuddaling when they first wake up!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  399. waking up to a big smile(:

  400. Jay Daugherty says

    I like when he is sleeping.

  401. Laura Proctor Unger says

    I love seeing my son all happy and smiling in the morning, so eager to start the day!

  402. For me it’s cuddle time when my daughter climbs into bed with me and we just cuddle and talk. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  403. jessica schueler says

    First smile of the day of course

  404. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love the bright eyes and the big hugs

  405. I love waking up to my daughter saying “mama!”

  406. Rebecca Rushton says

    an excited baby in the morning!

  407. My most precious moments with my children is the look on their face when they see me and say I love you

  408. I’m pregnant and looking forward to it.

  409. I love the sleepy morning snuggles!

  410. I love holding him and feeding him first thing in the morning

  411. Brad Merrell says

    Thinking about what they will become

  412. Carole Ingram says

    When babies are well rested, they are in such a great mood when they first wake up, big smiles and giggles for their mommy 🙂 I also love to give him a bath in the morning too 🙂

  413. I think the best part would be not having to do the extra laundry (sheets, blakets, etc) that get wet when diapers don’t hodl up.

  414. mary gardner says

    i love all of the smiles, hugs and kisses we get first thing in the morning!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  415. I love bringing him into my bed to snuggle while we watch Daddy getting ready for work!

  416. Twins 🙂

  417. I love going into my son’s room when he wakes up. He’s so happy in the mornings.

  418. I love my smooth mornings with my little Maysoon.. to cuddle with her and watch cartoons. Her older brothers wake a bit later and since they’re boys they’re energy driven mornings turn our cuddly moments into power rangers on a mission. Then it seems like Maysoon transforms into a sassy power ranger just like them

  419. Michelle Tucker says

    I’d imagine it would be those first little smiles of happiness in the morning.

  420. watching all of them sleep, andthe expressions on their faces

  421. I like the sleepy cuddles.

  422. I love to kiss her sweet sleeping face before I have to wake her up. She looks like an angel.

  423. Cuddle time is the best.

  424. Shannon Hartman says

    beautiful mornings with my littles is when we are all up and having breakfast together or when we all snuggle in bed with each other!

  425. Jennifer Lund says

    We’re having our second baby in May and our 3 year old boy is definitely getting spoiled this Christmas! Next year it won’t be just him 🙂

  426. Trisha McKee says

    I always loved mornings because she was the most talkative, chattery even before she could actually say words. Now at age 12, she is still most talkative in the morning.

  427. Jennifer Lund says

    My little boy comes in every morning and gives me a big hug and kiss and I love it!

  428. I like when my son asks me “What fun things we are going to do today?” every morning.

  429. The moment she sees me and her look changes to pure excitement and happiness.

  430. My favorite aspect of “beautiful mornings” with my little ones is cuddling in my bed before we start our day. They show up when they are ready for time with momma but not ready to get up for the day.

  431. Cuddling is the best.

  432. morning hugs, eating breakfast together and talking about our “aspirations” for the day ahead 🙂

  433. Breakfast and cuddling up afterwards on Saturday morning to watch a movie is always a highlight of my week.

  434. Love jewel! Love the early morning smiles and her signing mom and dad!

  435. Dee Wolters says

    waking them up and having them being so happy to see me!

  436. carol lewis says

    With the grandbabies it is when I get to theri house and they come to see me at the door and I get to hug and kiss them.

  437. Jenny Marie says

    My favorite part is seeing them smile!

  438. Lisa Fonseca says

    That moment when he/she sees you coming and gives you the biggest smile.

  439. lots of smiles and kisses

  440. I think the smile first thing in the morning would be amazing. Plus all the hugs and kisses!

  441. Cuddling as we watch cartoons all piled in bed

  442. Jennifer Calabro says

    My favorite thing is cuddling in the mornings when my son first wakes up! I can’t wait until our new addition arrives and I gt to cuddle with both my children int he mornings!

  443. I love just getting to cuddle.

  444. i love getting my daughter out of bed in the morning when she’s all smiles and then we lay in bed together for a little bit before starting breakfast 🙂

  445. I love going into my son’s room in the morning because he always has the brightest smile. He is such a sweet boy.

  446. the goodmorning song with lots of laughs and kisses

  447. The best part of beautiful mornings is waking up to those beautiful smiles crawling in bed to cuddle before we start our day

  448. cuddling with them first thing in the morning before breakfast and the busy day

  449. MMMM, the snuggle while she’s nursing, and that little roving hand that lightly touches my skin. I’m going to miss that so much when she’s older, but I’m sure we’ll still have our snuggle moments.

  450. Would not to have to rush my child to school and make him a great breakfast and have mommy and me time.

  451. I like how quiet my mornings starts out…just hugs and snuggles for a few minutes before we get ready for the day

  452. I love seeing her happy little face every morning!

  453. Wanda McHenry says

    I imagine it would be like how it was with my mom…..I would hug and great my kids every morning with a big kiss and have breakfast

  454. My favorite morning moment is the first morning hug and seeing their cute sleepy eyes.

  455. I love the little infant cries when my son wakes up. It almost sounds like he is saying mama.


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