Jewel & Pampers “Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments” New Music Video


If you are a regular Mama Report reader you’ll know I had the opportunity to interview Jewel recently in conjunction with Pampers “Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments“.  Here is her recently released video from her album, “The Merry Goes ‘Round,” Jewel is featured singing the popular children’s song “The Green Grass Grows All Around.” In normal Jewel fashion her singing is beautiful, but I found the video delightful mostly because of her son, Kase.  As Jewel plays the guitar and sings, he sweetly rocks to the beat.  It is so adorable!  It reminds me that all mothers- regardless of age, race, or occupation- share those special little moments with our children.

Check out below for more information regarding Jewel and Pamper’s Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments-

Pampers and beloved singer, songwriter, children’s book author and new mom, Jewel, unites to pay homage to the “Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments” shared between parents and their babies. Whether it’s shown by a morning “giggle fest,” baby’s silly bed head, a giant snuggle hug, or a whimsical song, Pampers recognizes that all of these moments are expressions of sheer joy that parents feel in the morning with their baby. The “Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments” campaign pays tribute to the love that parents feel when reunited in the waking hours of the day with their little ones.

In a new exclusive music video, Jewel and Pampers pay homage to the beautiful morning moments shared between parents and their babies. From storytime and sing-alongs to feeding horses and spending time with daddy, the video captures Jewel’s favorite beautiful morning moments with her son, Kase. With background music from Jewel’s most recent children’s album, “The Merry Goes ‘Round”, this performance of the popular children’s song “The Green Grass Grows All Around” is sure to enhance beautiful mornings with baby all the time!

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