Join An Honest Chat with Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, March 20th at 1-2:30pmPST @TheMamaReport!


Join actress, mother and advocate, Jessica Alba and author, former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, and father, Christopher Gavigan to discuss their new family brand, The Honest Company (, that offers non-toxic, eco-friendly, adorable diapers, body care, & cleaning products. Have questions about the products or service? Ideas for making it better? Inspiration for building the Honest movement? Join the chat and let us know!

I recently wrote a review regarding some Honest Company products.  I loved them!  Check out my review.

On March 20th at 1-2:30pmPST you can join the LIVE video chat below to have a chance to talk with Jessica Alba regarding The Honest Company!

Check out the details below!


If you are interested in trying to get “face” time with Jessica and Christopher, here’s how you connect:

1. Create your own free Vokle account to log-in.

2. Your computer will need to have a camera and microphone if you’d like to have online interaction with Jessica and Christopher.

3. Hardwired internet connection – This is a MUST, no exceptions. You must have a hardwired internet connection via ethernet cable, no WiFi. Note that there will be naturally a 2-3 second delay, so be sure to ask your questions, wait for her response, then have a back-and-forth that way.

4. Webcam – Make sure you don’t have Skype/iChat running in the background or any applications/sites accessing your camera beforehand. Close out anything else that isn’t Vokle.

5. Headphones – You must wear headphones or earbuds that will cancel out audio echo. They can be any type of headphones you have available, usually iPod ones work best.

*Preferred Browser: Chrome or Firefox.

*Update Flash (be sure to update):

Joining the chat: For the best chance at getting face time with Jessica and Christopher, try to join the chat sometime in the hour leading up to the chat to be properly screened.

1. Join the conversation here:
2. Click “Join Event” and sign-up via Twitter or Facebook for easy access (or Register a Vokle account)
3. Once you’re inside, simply click the big red “Ask A Question” button, and click “Live Video”. Go through the appropriate hardware setup, then click “Back to Event”, and then submit a Description of your call. You will then be Screened before going LIVE. *Here’s what the process will look like*

NOTE: If you do not have a webcam, are connected via wi-fi, or simply do not want to be on camera, you can still submit questions and comments via text using the chat/comments fields.

More support questions can be found here:

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