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Have you checked out Ivory’s The Soap Dish?  I am enjoying my conversation with other moms and even a few fathers!

Last week I explained my involvement with this online program.  And this past week we discussed “what keeps you up at night?” and “what’s on your agenda this weekend?”.   I love reading your comments.   Quite a few of you had to work this weekend! I hope you receive some time off soon!  We spent all day Saturday running errands around town, but at least the weather was amazing.  It is hard to believe it is January in Minnesota! We haven’t had any substantial snow yet, and my children are hankering to build a snowman.

The Soap Dish is such a fun way to connect with other moms.  You might be wondering why Ivory created The Soap Dish?  And how is being a mother related to Ivory soap?  Check out Ivory’s mission-

Ivory is over 125 years young, providing freedom from nonsense and complexity by giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

If my husband was brave enough to describe me, that could be my definition.  Alicia Kirby is over 34 years young, attains freedom from nonsense and complexity by using only what she needs and nothing she doesn’t.   Perhaps its the North Dakota farm girl within me or maybe it just comes with being a mother, but I am entirely practical.  Based on their mission statement I think Ivory has a clear understanding of its consumers:)

Ivory soap has been around forever (1879), but just recently joined Facebook and Twitter.  Now the company is looking to engage its users with fun, friendly, conversation via The Soap Dish.

My question of the day is-

What’s the first thing that fell off your beauty radar when you became a mom?

I am slowly trying to regain some sort of beauty regimen, but it takes a lot of work!  What do you think?  Leave your thoughts at The Soap Dish!



I have been compensated as a guest blogger for Ivory’s The Soap Dish, however all opinions are my own.

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