Juno Baby Review


I recently had the pleasure of viewing Juno Baby for the first time thanks to Heard it From A Mom.  Apparently Juno Baby has been around for quite some time.  I had never heard of it before.  And of course like most things once you become aware of it you start seeing it everywhere.

I think of Juno Baby has an original musical version of Baby Einstein.  Baby Einstein used music from famous composers- Bach, Beethoven and such.  Juno Baby has classical music that has been composed specifically for the product.  Here is a little more information.

All of our products are based on our lifelong love of music and our belief in its power to open hearts and minds. We firmly believe that by surrounding young children with beautiful music, we can engage their minds, inspire them artistically and nurture them emotionally.
During this journey, we have collaborated with top researchers, artists and musicians to create an award-winning line of products. Our CDs, DVDs and books feature a cast of lovable characters that interact with your child, along with original music composed for and performed by live orchestral musicians.

I popped the DVD in the player for my three year old to watch.  He was entranced by the characters.  The main character of the story we watched was a kitty named Indie.  Kitties in general are a big hit in my house.  I’m not really sure why.  Perhaps it is because we used to have a cat and had to get rid of her once we had children.  I think my oldest son wistfully thinks of the cat that could have been his pet.  Little does he know she would have clawed him and bit him FOR SURE.  Anyway my three year old watched with interest.  I don’t believe this is a video he will watch again and again.  For a three year old he is into much older activities (I blame it on having an older brother).  He lives and breathes Transformers.  I realize this probably isn’t a normal three year old interest.  I predict Juno Baby will have more success with my 14 month old when he starts watching TV.  Not that he is starting now, but usually around two years old.  And I guess that is ultimately my recommendation- this video is best at 2 years old.  I believe most two year old will love the characters and be entranced by the music and images.

I believe right now you can request a FREE copy of Way to Go, Juno!  I’m not sure how long this offer will last.

Right now at Juno Baby.com they have a Holiday special of free shipping on orders of $35 or more.  Make sure to enter code HOLIDAY10 at checkout!


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