Kid-E-Cover Review


Kid-E-Cover “your family is our concern”

With every new addition to your family there are new concerns about their safety and well being. Elicole LLC understands these concerns. With this in mind we have developed a simple yet effective way to protect younger children from the potential danger present from your homes’ electrical outlets. Our new electrical child safety outlet cover, appropriately named the Kid-E-CoverTM,  features a slim and aesthetically appealing design. Elicole’s patented coverplate with our proprietary auto-return internal shutter system allows for ease of use by adults, yet provides a viable deterrent to outlet access by infants and toddlers. Our child safety products provide a safer environment for your children. At ElicoleTM, “your family is our concern”TM.

Kid-E-Cover is a great product!  I highly recommend this safety device for new or expecting parents.  They are a bit more expensive then the simple plastic plugs you stick into outlets, but they are WORTH it.  Use the simple plastic plugs for hotel rooms while traveling, but buy Kid-E-Cover for your home.  The Kid-E-Cover allows you to simply access the outlet, when you need it, but keeps your child safe when not in use.  The side knob is easy for parents to use, but difficult for curious babies and toddlers.  Personally I know my 15 month old is not going to be able to get it open.  If my youngest and last child was instead my first I would definitely purchase these safety products for my home.  Hopefully they will be available at my favorite store Target at some point.  They ought to be!  Until then you can purchase them at their website Elicole or from Amazon.   And look for Kid-E-Cover in the March issue of Parenting magazine under Tips N Trends.

I was provided a Kid-E-Cover to review.  My opinions are my own.

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