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Christmas has come early to my house.  My three boys and I received a massive set of KRE-O Transformers to sample.  These build-able sets are my boys’ dream come true.   My eight year old loves intricate pieces that he can build and my five year old is crazy about Transformers.  This set nearly blew his mind:)  My three year old is no fool and knows if his older brothers are excited- it’s a good thing.

Let me show you what arrived at our house-

The Destruction Site Devastator is the ultimate set.  Kids have the choice of building four construction vehicles, four construction robots, or the massive Decepticon robot Devastator.  My boys opted for the four construction robots.   The Cycle Case and Decepticon Ambush were perfectly sized for my little builders, while my husband set to work on the larger construction robots.  All my boys started building- each with their own little bowl to contain all the pieces.

The larger set is recommended for age 8+.  And I feel this definitely an appropriate recommendation.  A set of this size is best tackled by adults, and my husband was all too willing to build/play.

A short while later a small KRE-O Transformer village starting appearing.  My boys were so excited.  Crazy excited.  These KRE-O Transformers have a character/piece to satisfy every boy.  My boys quickly started claiming their characters.  Luckily, there were plenty of guys to go around as each set also comes with KREON figures- featuring an array of Decepticon and Autobot characters.

Look at all these awesome little characters!  While my boys are certainly excited by the larger robots, it is the little ones they will end up using the most.

While my boys are happy currently with the Transformers in robot mode, if they change their minds they can be transformed into vehicle mode using the same pieces!  I love toys that have multiple uses!

My five year old was able to build this motorcycle all by himself.  He was quite proud:)

The set also includes some neat construction pieces.

Any of these sets would make a great gift this holiday season.  The small kits are a perfect stocking stuffer, while the larger set would make a mighty fine present within itself.

What is particular great about these KRE-O sets is that the fun isn’t unleashed all in a fury.  It takes time to built each creation potentially providing hours to fun p

If you are looking for the iconic Transformer characters- heroic  Optimus Prime and evil  Megatron – then The Battle for Energon  is a perfect fit.  (not featured here)
The KREON Micro-­‐ChangersMystery Bags make a great stocking stuffer.  For just $2.99, each Mystery Bag contains a random KREON figure, which can also convert into an alternate mode like a jet or an insect!  I need to stock up on some of these as my boys would love them!
Once my boys were done creating their perfect scene  (did you notice how perfectly the scene was set in the pictures above? I had nothing to do with that:) it was officially time to unleash the hounds so to speak….

And this is only just the beginning of many joyful hours to KRE-O Transformers playtime.

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