Kung Fu Panda “Croc Crackdown” Game


kung fu panda game

The Crocs are shaking down Po and his dad for protection money! Help protect the Valley of Peace from Fung and his Crocbullies by playing “Croc Crackdown!”  Play as Po and punch out the crocs in this exciting beat ’em up game!


I must admit I am video game challenged.  I played a mean DX ball in college, but that exceeds the extent of my video game skills.  I gave the Croc Crackdown game a try only to find myself thoroughly defeated by those awful crocs.  I imagine some will be able to have much better success, but I’ll have to work a little harder!:)

kung fu panda defeat

While I may not be able to provide you with any insider tips on how to defeat the game I CAN provide you with a special discount code for a special Kung Fu Panda wallpaper:)  Use the code 2000030379037424 in the game to get exclusive access to a free wallpaper download! Check out Croc Crackdown now!


Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness: Good Croc, Bad Croc is available on DVD NOW from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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