Kushyfoot Flats to Go Review


I’m fortunate that I can spend most of my days in the comfort of my own home and in what I like to call my “comfy clothes”.  Currently this outfit consists of a warm Lands End fleece pull-over, fleece pants, and warm thermal socks.  I actually lament the days I have to go out into society and dress accordingly.  Yes, I’m a homebody.  Once I do come home on those days, I immediately rush to put back on my “comfy” clothes.  I imagine I am not alone in this habit.

Those of you who are required or enjoy heading out into the wide world everyday may do so in an uncomfortable manner.  Dress pants, high heels, and panty hose don’t exactly make for the most enjoyable outfit.  Back in my teaching days, I remember how may feet would ache after a day spent in high heels.  Kushyfoot understands that women are frequently required to wear shoewear that is painful and their objective is to help alieve some of this agony.

The company’s tag line is “massage your feet with every step”.   I decided to put this phrase to the test with the two products I received for review.

First the Zebra Print Flats to Go.

The idea behind these flats is simple.  Many women must wear high heels for a portion of their day, but for those moments while they are working behind the desk why not be comfortable?  Simply slip off your high heels and slip on your Kushyfoot Flats to Go.  They even come in their own little plastic purse for easy transport.  The purpose of these flats is obviously not an issue with my lifestyle.  That being said, I did wear the flats around the house anyway.  Comfy clothes+ Comfy shoes= a happy mom.  The flats are comfortable, however the idea that they “massage” my feet is a bit much.  I’ve had a foot massage, these shoes do not provide a massage.  They are comfortable, however the little extra grooves on the shoes provide that tension release.  I can envision that these shoes would feel even better if I had been wearing high heels.


They do carry a variety of different patterns.  Zebra was not high on my husbands list, but click here to see the other designs.

I also received the Microfiber Crew sock.

This sock is designed to keep your feet cool and obviously are very thin.  I think of them as a dress sock.  They would be great to wear with a pair of dress shoes.  I’m not convinced they should be worn has in the picture above, but to each their own.  Like the flats, these socks have a riveted bottom that helps to “massage” the feet.

Is the added texture revolutionary? Of course not, but it does provide a little extra comfort to your foot.  If you have sensitive feet or are forced to wear high heels for long periods of time I would recommend giving them a try.

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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