LeapFrog “Learn, Create, Share” Party #LeapFrogParty LeapPad & Tag Review


LeapFrog products are not new to our home.  I have been purchasing LeapFrog products since my youngest son was a baby.  I remember being a brand new mom and scanning the toy shelves looking for the “perfect” toy for my little boy.  There were so many options available, the immensity was overwhelming.  LeapFrog products stood out from the other brands for me.  Perhaps it is because I’m a former teacher, but I like making learning fun.  And that is what LeapFrog products do.  They take simple, basic educational material and present it in a way that is fun and unique.

One of our first and favorite items was the Fridge Farm. All three of my boys have used this toy as a baby, dancing to the catchy tunes.

As my boys have become older our LeapFrog products have become more sophisticated.  I remember the excitement my oldest son had when he received his Leapster.  He was so proud to have his own video game and I was happy that he was learning in the process.

After a few years with the Leapster my oldest son passed this game system on to his middle brother (now age 4).  I was left wondering if LeapFrog had any products left to interest my now 7 year old.  They do.  It is named LeapPad.

We don’t own an Ipad.  But based on my experience with our new LeapPad, I want one.  A LeapPad, is essentially, a junior Ipad.  My seven year old was immediately intrigued and the more he has used it, the more excited he has become.  There are so many different features available.  Videos, photos, games, drawing, books….there are so many different aspects to this system.

Here is my seven year old learning the in’s and out’s.

My children and I were selected to host a Learn, Create, Share party to showcase the LeapPad and Tag reader (more about that in a minute).  Essentially invite as many children as you can, but there is only one LeapPad and one Tag reader.  You can tell where I’m going with this…who wants to share such a cool gadget?  My boys certainly didn’t want to.  I found myself saying, “Let “so&so” have a turn”, all the time.  Notice in the following picture, who always seems to be at the helm?

To be fair, my eldest was the most knowledgeable about the system and he did a great job of garnering interest amongst the other kids.  My four year old was only semi-interested in the LeapPad before the party, but has since become completed enthralled since seeing older kids use it.

One of the favorite aspects to the system was the digital camera.  Somewhere in the midst of the party once the adults had separated from the kids, my son along with some others started a digital photography journey around the house.  They had so much fun!  And I had fun later, looking at these photos online through LeapPad Connect.  Here are a few they snapped.

Hey, what’s going on here!

I was really curious to see the quality of the photos the children took.  And I have to say, I was impressed.  Obviously the quality isn’t going to be anywhere near the lines of a Canon or Nikon adult camera.  But for a children’s camera I thought it was quite good.  There were some blurry shots as the kids moved the camera around while taking the shoot.  But there were also a number of really good pictures.

We did have a few other activities as well for the party.  However, I must say that the LeapPad was the star.

As you can tell, my 4 year old like the activity sheets the best.  He felt like a “big boy” working on these worksheets.

As I mentioned we also previewed the Tag Reading System.  This touch based system is also a lot of fun, but I have to admit it just doesn’t compare to the LeapPad.  The older kids were only mildly interested in the Tag system and instead flocked like bees to honey at the LeapPad.

#1 selling reading system!

I have actually found the Tag system is most appealing to my two year old.  Maybe its only because I wont’ let him get his hands on the LeapPad (and he desperately wants it), but he is fascinated with it.  He will sit on the floor and carefully use the pen to make different noises and have a book read to him.  It’s a little frightening,  how can a two year old figure this out?  Talk about the technological age.

My seven year old enjoys the Tag system, but he can already read many of the books.  If there was no LeapPad system, I’m sure the Tag system would be more popular.  But a “reading” pen just can’t compare to a mini-Ipad.

Both the Tag Reading System and the LeapPad teach children using fun interactive technological methods.

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I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own,.


  1. We love Leapfrog in our house too. The Leapster is probably the most popular. With the new LeapPad out, its all I hear about from my 3yr old. He is expecting Santa to bring him one this year. I too do not own an ipad, buy if you say its a jr ipad, I will be jealous that my little one will have a “tablet” before I do!

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