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My family is a game loving family.   I mean we really like games.  My husband is Father Geek after all.  Therefore I was quite willing to review a sound-alike word game named Double Duel from Learning Resources.  The game is simple.  It contains a deck of cards and four buzzers.  I bet you can probably figure out the gist of it already if you have ever played a word game before.

Players take turns reading cards allowing the other participants to buzz in and answer.  The cards provide two different definitions for two different words that sound the same.  For example- A bigger kind of rabbit- hare and This grows on your head- hair.  The cards are divided into two groups purple- level one and red- level two.   The person who correctly guesses the word receives the card and the first player to win 10 cards wins.

The game is not complicated, but is designed to challenge the mind by the figuring out the correct word.  I sat down with my husband, and two older sons to play the game.  My two oldest sons are seven and four years old.  The recommended age of the game is 7-adult.  Obviously my family isn’t quite ready for this game based upon their ages.  My seven year old did have success, however there were many words that he wasn’t familiar with.  Obviously his resource base of vocabulary words will only continue to grow allowing him to have better success with the game.  My four year old was able to figure a couple of words out as well, but we gave him a chance to answer before the rest of us.

As a former teacher I love the vocabulary aspect of this game.  It helps children and adults understand word definitions and spelling in a fun way.  We have a couple of different similar games in our house, but we felt that this game was designed the best.  No board, just simple straightforward buzzers and cards.  This format is perfect as a party game.

I need to address the buzzers.   My kids love them.  They are brightly colored noise makers.  Each buzzer makes a different sound.  You can imagine the allure.  You might need to set some ground rules for buzzing in.  My children were in a constant state of buzzing.  Their young age probably perpetuated this activity and they will hopefully gain more control with age.  While kids will love these buzzers, I do not recommend letting your children run around the house with them.  My children did.  They do become quite annoying when not associated with the game.  I secretly retrieved the buzzers placing them in the box for our next game.

Here are my guys being silly with the buzzers.

Double Duel™ A Sound-Alike Word GameIt’s a color. The wind did this.  What’s the answer? Blue/Blew!  This high-speed game with words that sound the same builds vocabulary connections and is great fun for the whole family.  If you know the answer, be the first to hit your buzzer.  Each one makes a different fun sound—honk honk, boxing bell, doorbell and boing.  Color-coded question cards provide two levels of play.  Includes 200 double-sided, self-checking clue cards in a box; Activity Guide and 4 buzzers.  Each buzzer requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.  For 3 or more players.  Ages 7 and up.  SRP: 27.99.   Available at www.learningresources.com, online retailers and specialty stores.

About Learning Resources

For more than 25 years, Learning Resources® has been designing award-winning products that enable parents and teachers to go beyond traditional instruction and inspire children to reach new heights. Developed by top educators who understand learning and children, the Company’s innovative educational toys uniquely tap into the limitless potential of children everywhere, so they reach beyond, reach forward and achieve more. And as the global leader in developing engaging hands-on learning experiences for children, Learning Resources knows how to make learning exciting and fun for children of all ages and abilities. This year, Learning Resources introduces more than 80 new “teacher-approved” toys and multi-sensory items that truly help children ages 2 and up progress along their individual learning paths. As always, the Company’s commitment to safety is absolute, with every item designed, developed and manufactured under the strictest safety standards.

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