Lilly Brush- The Sweater Rescuer Review & Giveaway


As soon as I heard about Lilly Brush, I knew I had to try it.  The idea is super simple.  A brush to save sweaters by removing those nasty pills that develop.  Why, oh why, have I never heard about this brush until now?!  Honestly, I have gotten rid of sweaters, because they were infested with pills.  Mind you, there was nothing else wrong with those sweaters.  But I didn’t foresee any way to remove those pills.  I’ve had newly purchased sweaters develop pills after the second time I’ve worn it.  Ahhh!!!  This simple Lilly Brush has forever changed my sweater collection.

Let me show you.

The brush is simple.  Nothing special, really.

All it takes is literally brushing the sweater to remove the pills.  The little fuzz balls either fall off or clump together on the brush.  It’s like a hair brush for your sweater!

I decided to give this simple tool the ultimate test.  I have a black cardigan sweater that is over 20 years old.  It is riddled with pills, it’s awful really.  But I’ve held on to this sweater through the years for sentimental reasons.  Could the Lilly Brush help this much loved sweater?  If I didn’t love it, I would have gotten rid of it years and years ago.

As you can see the Lilly Brush brought back new life to my beloved sweater.  The right side is how the sweater has normally looked, while the left side has been worked over with the brush.  Most pills have been removed, and if I was truly diligent I could keep at it to remove even more.

Quick Facts about Lilly Brush:

* Works on all natural fibers including cotton, wool, cashmere, hemp and alpaca.
* Lint remover, pet hair remover, and sweater pill remover!
* Is made to last for years.

Now keep in mind the brush does not prevent pills from forming on your sweater.  Those darn little buggers are still going to appear out of thin air.  But at least you have a weapon to combat those nasty sweater wreckers!

Still on the lookout for a stocking stuffer this Christmas?  I highly recommend purchasing a Lilly Brush for the ladies in your life.   Every lady ought to have one of these!

Learn more about Lilly Brush online or via Facebook.

One lucky Mama Report reader will win a Lilly Brush of their own!  Woo hoo!  Now your sweaters will be saved:)

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I received the above product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.



  1. i have gotten rid of many sweaters due to pills! or I wear them and keep my arms at my side so that no one can see the pills under there lol!

  2. michelle pickett says

    yes! i layer a lot and my sweaters don’t last more than 2 seasons.

  3. I have gotten rid of LOTS of sweaters because they had fuzz on them. Great idea!

  4. Yes!

  5. I definitely have- or used it for a craft. Usually I give it to charity though, so possibly it could be of use to someone else.

  6. No, I am always hot so I do not have a lot of sweaters.

  7. yes, I have

  8. Yes, when the pilling has gotten out of control

  9. Sacha Schroeder says

    Yes I have gotten rid of a few!

  10. Yuppers!

  11. Jenny Stanek says

    No, but I have stopped wearing them

  12. Kimberly Schotz says

    Yes several and it was sad 🙁

  13. Yes, I have gotten rid of too many to count.

  14. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    Yes I have

  15. Jennifer Miller says

    yes! I’ve gotten rid of quite a few because of pills.

  16. Me, no, I don’t wear sweaters…. but this would be a gift for someone who has.

  17. I don’t wear many sweaters just because they do pill and then look less than attractive – this item might change all that:)

  18. Yes
    Thanks for the chance

  19. yes I have gotten rid of sweaters in the past for that reason; too much trouble to pick them all off!

  20. Megan Parsons says

    Yes I have thrown many of them away over the last few years : (

  21. Yes a few.

  22. danielle lima says

    No, i will keep them and never wear them

  23. Yes and it’s so sad!

  24. yep i stop wearing them because of that

  25. I keep these kind of sweaters to wear around the house, but I don’t wear them out anywhere.

  26. Oh yes. I never could figure out how to get rid of the pills.

  27. Yes, and I was very sad about it! This sounds like a wonderful product.

  28. yes I have, many times.

  29. yes i have. and i am sure i will be more often since we moved from ca to ct!

  30. Yes….pilling on sweaters is one of my pet peeves.

  31. Yes, I have – it seemed that they would never end.

  32. carol gentry says

    Yes…and some of them I really liked.

  33. Sherri G. - @WinneratLife says

    Yes – then I found this shaver thing that took them off, but it quit working and I’ve never been able to find another one.

  34. Yes, MANY sweaters!

  35. I sure have love to win this.

  36. Yes! And my favorite sweaters!

  37. I have one that I only wear around the house.

  38. I have gotten ridden of sweaters because of this and I wish I knew that there was a product like this out there to fix them…

  39. this is such a great idea.

  40. sarah snoker says

    I have. Boo.

  41. I have gotten rid of way too many sweaters because of frustrating pilling so this product would be wonderful to have.

  42. Stephanie Larison says

    Yes, I have unfortunately!

  43. Julie Ragozzine says

    Yes and I hate doing it!

  44. Probably- I’m sure my mom has more than I, since she has more sweaters. This would be great for her.

  45. no, i’m too cheap to do that

  46. Yes I have.

  47. yes I have

  48. YES! I shaved the pills off so many times it was almost bald!

  49. Diane Sallans says

    of course – those white pills on a dark sweater are the pits!

  50. Absolutely! This brush looks awesome – would love to use it on several sweaters and jackets!

  51. CHristine JEnsen says

    yes, I have 🙁 this would be great.

  52. Yes, I have gotten rid of some because of pills.

  53. I have had to toss some sweaters before, I’d love to see if this would improve some I still have though.

  54. Absolutely! Some sweaters are just not worth the effort! This would truly help!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  55. cathy henatyszen says

    yes I have… too many pills are hard to cut off

  56. Yes I have donated sweaters that have pills and I also don’t like wearing them that way, I remember in college we had this electric sweater shaver and I have been saving my sweaters in the hopes I will find one soon. Then I saw this product. Hope to win.

  57. yes, i have many sweaters go into a bin for the women’s shelter

  58. A lot of them. I hate pilling but it is very disappointing when it is a sweater I bought recently and haven’t worn much.

  59. Sarah Harding says

    I don’t wear many sweaters but my friend could use this

  60. Yes I have gotten rid of

  61. Kortney Picker says

    No, but I have found myself picking them off of my sweater in the middle of church…just a little distracted!!

  62. yeah. i have.

  63. Yea

  64. YES! I can’t stand it! I try to wash them separately from other items, but my husband always winds up mixing them in!

  65. Yes I have.

  66. no i keep em

  67. Paul T/Pauline T says

    Yes I have because it looks old and out of sort—– Paul T/Pauline T aka Paol Trenny ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  68. YES!! Too many!

  69. no, b/c I’m too cheap… but that doesn’t mean they look good, or I wear them outside.

  70. Just a few. I’ve saved some that I should have gotten rid of though, so maybe I won’t have to get rid of them now.

  71. I definitely have gotten rid of sweaters for that reason…it makes them look worn and ratty.

  72. Michelle dement says

    Sadly yes! Some of my faves too! 🙁

  73. Priscilla Benavides says

    I usually put up to the embarrasment of wearing them again and again!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  74. I have a sweater just like yours.. seems to do the trick!!!!

  75. Yes I have had to .

  76. dani marie says

    yup and i cried a bit.

  77. Julie Jones says

    Yes I have! I always get pilling in the armpit area. It’s not very appealing. Thanks for this giveaway. Very nifty tool!

  78. Desiree Dunbar says

    Yes many comfy sweaters have been given away!

  79. Tara Liebing says

    Yes I have this would be great to have!

  80. Yes,

  81. yes I have

  82. Yes, I have.
    Thanks for the chance!

  83. Yes, unfortunately!

  84. Jennifer Reed says

    Yes, unfortunately I have.

  85. Barbara Stenby says

    Yes have gotten rid of quite a few

  86. wendy rozema says

    yes I have!

  87. Melanie Montgomery says

    Yes, I have

  88. Yes, I have.

  89. one of my favorite sweaters is covered with pills right now. I need to get this so I can save it and continue loving it

  90. Yes, because I didn’t know there was a way to remove them! Now I’m kicking myself..

  91. yes

  92. TIA BEVERLY says


  93. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    yes tons of them
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  94. I have a sweater that has been hanging up for a long time because of it.

  95. Charlene Shaver says

    Yes I have & it’s such a waist of money 🙁

  96. Yes!

  97. yes i have gotten rid of sweater before with pills

  98. Rachel Newman says

    Yes, I have given away many sweater because of this – oh, my to think they could have been saved!

  99. Michelle Tucker says

    No, but we rarely had need for sweaters in TX. Now that we live in CO we will have some need of this.

  100. Jennifer Roberts says

    Yes I have… I need/WANT this SO bad!!!!!

  101. April Vendetti says

    I have never gotten rid of one because of pills but I probably should have.

  102. marissa maestas says

    yes and my favorite one is getting to that point now too 🙁

  103. kathy pease says

    yes I have gotten rid of many

  104. Dorothy Campbell says

    Too many to count!

  105. susan smoaks says

    yes i have, just the other day i cleaned out several for this very reason

  106. sandra davis says

    yes i have….several of them

  107. katklaw777 says

    Yes..i tried to save it but there were just tooooooooooooooo many!

  108. Caitlin McClure says

    Don’t really wear sweaters, I’d give this to my mom

  109. Yes, I have long ago. Now I just don’t buy too many.

  110. christie kammerer says

    absolutly ! I have gotten rid of many sweaters like that.

  111. I have one now I was thinking of getting rid – guess I’ll hold onto it for a little bit yet

  112. Sure have!

  113. Kelsea Eaton says

    Yes I cant stand when a sweater looks to worn…ugh. Ive been wanting one of these!

    mundaneminnie at gmail dot com

  114. Ashley Sifers says

    Yes.. I can’t stand them!

  115. many many times!

  116. cassandra mccann says

    no i do not have enough clothes as is and would never waste clothing over a lint type issue it is better to be warm then look cold

  117. Saver Sara says

    Yes, I’ve also stopped wearing some because of pills

  118. Shirley Zolenski says

    Yes that is usually why I have to get rid of sweaters.

  119. Joyce Raymond says

    Oh yes! I’ve gotten rid of some and I won’t buy a sweater if I think it will pill up. For me it’s worse than a stain.

  120. I have gotten rid of sweaters before because of pills and wear,

  121. yes i have

  122. Yes, it’s quite annoying!

  123. Laura Bradley says

    more than 5! so annoying

  124. this looks so awesome and it would be great to have it in the house

  125. Corey Olomon says

    Yes, I’ve had to.

  126. Miz Vickik says

    yes, unfortunately, I have

  127. Yes, I’ve had to throw away a few.


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