LISTERINE® and REACH® Healthy Habits for a Lifetime Oral Care Challenge


From the moment your children sprout their first teeth…..

and then start losing them, it is a a relatively short amount of time.

Yet it is within these pivotal years that a strong foundation in tooth care is created. These emerging  teeth  need to be treated well for the beginnings of a lifetime of dental health.  These exciting times of tooth creation and tooth loss are fun and memorable.  But its all those in between moments that the monotony of daily brushing and flossing can be draining.   My youngest, a two year old, is all about independence.   He must brush.  “No, momma, me do!”  And while I appreciate the initiative, I”m afraid his skills are lacking at this point.  These daily dental battles have occurred with each of my children at various ages.  And unfortunately there have been times when the two year old wins.  I’m only human and the determination of a two year old can be frighting.

We do what we can, but every now and then we need some inspiration and motivation.  I am teaming together with LISTERINE® and REACH® for their Healthy Habits for a Lifetime Oral Care Challenge.  I am well supplied!

There is nothing quite like a new toothbrush, at least my boys are highly appreciative of this simple joy.   My husband and I use mouthwash on an infrequent basis and I have purchased children’s mouthwash in the past, but my four year old currently thinks it is the best thing EVER!  He received his own Batman mouthwash and now he wants to rinse about once every hour.  Talk about a great teaching tool!  I am now in the midst of teaching him the correct time to gargle- after brushing his teeth, twice a day.  I could be wrong, but I have the sneaky suspicion he is rinsing a bit more than that……which technically isn’t such a bad thing:)!

Our challenge?  My family must  brush, floss and rinse every day, twice a day for three weeks.  I’m guessing we won’t conquer this goal perfectly, we already have had some stumbles this past weekend when we were out of town, but by golly we are going to try!  Look for another post soon with our updated story.

In the mean time here are some disturbing and interesting facts related to oral care.

  • Many people don’t realize that brushing alone misses 75% of your mouth!
  • Just a few minutes a day for your mouth can help you establish healthy habits for a lifetime.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, over 50% of children between the ages of 5 and 9 have a cavity or filling.
  • Nearly 75% of American adults suffer from various forms of gum disease and don’t know it!

Connect with for more information regarding your child’s dental care and stay tuned for my next post!



“I received products  from Johnson & Johnson as part of my participation in the Oral Care Challenge.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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