LOFT Concert Sweeps & Review


I recently had a chance to do some shopping at LOFT at The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.  I had been looking forward to checking out LOFT’s tops for some time.  I was immediately overwhelmed as I entered the store.  There were so many great options available.  And what made the experience even better was that sale items were an extra 40% off and other tops were 25% off.  I was not expecting this extra discount at the Mall of America.  I don’t think of shopping there for the deals, but rather for the experience.  So that revelation was a pleasant surprise.  I immediately got to “work”.  The sales ladies were very helpful asking me if I had any questions and of course informing me of the sale.  I grabbed a number of tops to try on.  I tried on this one.

Split Neck Self Ruffle Top

But I LOVED this one!

Rose and Ruffle Banded Shell

I was all set.  I loved the color and the beautiful feminine ruffles.  Then I made the fatal mistake of asking my husband what he thought.  Why did I do that?  He isn’t always with me when I’m clothing shopping, but he happened to be with this time and right before I checked out I asked him what he thought.  He then informed me he didn’t like that shirt at all.  I believe I stated rather loudly “What”.  Back to the drawing board.  Normally my husband is pretty easy going, but for some reason he decided to have a strong opinion about my new top!  Oh well,  I guess I am partially dressing for him so he ought to have a say.  After trying on another slew of tops we both decided on this one.

Flutter with Center Front Drape

Now we were both satisfied.  Luckily I had an easy time navigating around the store in my search for the perfect shirt.  The store is not jammed packed full of clothes like some others.  Those stores are so hard to even move around in, let alone being able to see anything.   At LOFT I was able to survey the store with ease.

Here I am in my new shirt.  Love it!  The fit is great and I love how it gently flows in the front.  It is just the right length also.  I really dislike shirts that are too short, but this one falls at the correct part of my waist.

Ignore the few wrinkles and disheveled hair.  That is my reality living with four boys and what happens after you have been wrestling with them:)

This shirt is now my go-to shirt for the rest of summer and fall.  It is comfy and easy to match.  I might even add a scarf if the weather would ever cool down!

LOFT currently has an awesome sweepstake available via Facebook.

Hurry this giveaway ends August 5th!

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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