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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Social Power for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is through united voices that change occurs.  Fifty years ago those united voices has to stand on street corners and stage demonstrations to make change happen.  In today's society unifed voices can gather together electronically to induce change.  We've come a long way baby:)

There are important fights for change.  The right for all to be treated equally.  The right for everyone to marry whomever they wish.  The right for a woman to have control over her own body.  But sometimes changes are not quite so signficant, but nonetheless they still need initiative to make the switch.  Social Power holds the key to make a difference in today's world.  Social media is a powerful tool and Social Power helps organize an idea into a potential change.  Let the world know what you support! 

Check out this short video for an idea of what Social Power is all about.

Making college textbooks more affordable, Walgreens home delivery of prescriptions, and having Chipotle deliver are all relatively simple changes that many have supported via Social Power.  I personally think they are great ideas! I created my own initiative.  I sound like such an alcoholic with my suggestion, but really I am just looking for convenience.  

As you can see, I need to work on gaining support for my cause:)  My reasoning is motivated by a strong desire to simplifiy my life:)  In order to purchase wine or regular beer (specially created beer with little alcohol can be sold in grocery stores) I need to visit another store.  I would love to be able to purchase everything I need in one location.  I know the state of Wisconsin allows wine and beer to be sold in store, I think it's time for Minnesota to get with the program.  I'd love your support for my little cause, help a mom out!:)

What issue would you like to see changed?  Start your initiative now!   

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  1. Bonnie p says

    Beer and wine are sold in grocery stores in Iowa Liquor is sold in a seperate store. We are only 40 miles from the Mn border anyone can just come into Iowa to purchase beer and wine. Mn is missing out on a source of income by not allowing beer and wine to be sold on Sunday

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