MarbleSpark Personalized Children’s Book Review


Following Featherbottom

Personalized Storybook


Following Featherbottom is a personalized children’s book about your child’s name. Follow Felix Featherbottom and his sidekick Pierre du Pond as they race around the globe finding the letters for your child’s name.

This professionally bound, hardcover, customized kids’ book is perfect for all kids ages 0 – 10. From an A in Antarctica to a Z in Zimbabwe, Felix and Pierre run into fantastic characters and adventures that grow along with your child. Babies love the vibrant illustrations and rhyme. Toddlers learn to recognize and spell their name. Older children get a geography lesson and love finding the hidden items in each illustration that begin with the letters of their name.

Each personalized book is unique, including the child’s birthday, a dedication from the sender, and personalized hardcover with your child’s name on it. You can select different letters and even choose among three different hardcover backgrounds. Like a snowflake, no two books are the same — a big, awesome snowflake with your name on it that never melts.


All three of my boys received a personalized storybook when they were born.  A customized storybook is a great way to celebrate the birth of a new baby and their new name.  My boys enjoy listening to a story that is about them and includes their name.  MarbleSpark’s Following Featherbottom takes your child’s name and adds a simple geography lesson to create a one-of-a-kind storybook for your child.  Felix Featherbottom along with his sidekick, Pierre, travel around the world to acquire the letters necessary to spell your child’s name.  Besides the fact that it is personalized children’s book I love the geography aspect of this book.  As a former history teacher I believe you can NEVER start too early teaching your children about the world and the unique cultures and people within.

Here is a glimpse of the book I ordered.  I had it made for a friend of mine who recently had a baby.   One of the first pages has space for a dedication that can be printed into the book.   The book is hard-covered and well made.  The pages have colorful and cute illustrations.


One of the last pages in the book is a map showing where each letter came from.  The authors did a nice job of spreading the letter out across the entire world.  As you can see from my picture below the letters are not focused in one particular area, but rather come from everywhere.


Overall I am very pleased with the quality of Following Featherbottom.  This book makes a great, unique gift for a new baby.  Rather than gifting the traditional baby outfits and such, why not give a gift that will last a lifetime?

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I received the above mentioned book for review purposes, however all opinions are my own.

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