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First of all I would like to say, I used a self tanner lotion for a two weeks before I went on my trip to NYC.  Can’t you tell?  LOL:)  I never notice how starling “white” I am until moments like this.  Next time I have to make sure to use the self tanner at least three weeks ahead of time and then maybe I won’t seem so ghostly.

But back to the real subject at hand- The Avengers.  As part of our special attendance at the Tribeca Film Festival we had the opportunity to interview two actors from the movie at the penthouse suite in the Trump Towers Soho Hotel.  Yep, first time in a penthouse suite plus two moviestar interviews- Cobie Smulders (Sgt. Maria Hill from S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki.   And immediately following our interviews we scurried off to the red carpet.  Also add in a sighting of Robert Downey Jr. before our interviews/after our interviews at the Trump Towers, plus numerous celebrities at the red carpet.  As you can imagine it was one exciting moment after another.  It almost seems slightly unbelievable now….

When Cobie Smulders entered the room I was immediately taken by her gorgeous red carpet dress.  Doesn’t it look fantastic in the picture below?  I loved the beaded sleeves and the color looked amazing on her.

photo courtesy of Disney

Cobie’s warm smile made all us Mommy bloggers feel relaxed and as though we were just talking to another fellow mom (albeit a highly gorgeous one).  And indeed Cobie has been with her future husband for numerous years  and they have a child together, though we kept the interview topic to the movie at hand.

Here are some of the highlights.

What’s it like being one of the very few women in this movie?

It’s really cool that Marvel is bringing in these strong females. And especially with Maria Hill, it’s really cool to see a strong female that’s in a commanding position. I was so intrigued by it before I came. a

Did you do special training for this?

Oddly, through my naturopathic doctor.  I did, I actually found this guy, he would like call me and talking to me about the movie and, you know, I was saying, you know, I want to do all this training.  And I’m looking for a place to shoot,  learn some martial arts and he’s like, oh my gosh, I’ve got this great guy, and he will totally help you out. And he did and he came to my house, a couple time a week and helped me train, but then also I think the most important thing for me was getting comfortable around guns. Because I’ve kind of feared them my entire life and I’ve never shot a real gun.   He brought over a bunch of guns- looking back, he was kind of like, I don’t know how he got it, but he like had a semiautomatic and he had like a revolver and like he had all these weird different types of guns. But it was great, because we took them apart.

But he showed up at my house and and I got to see them as – how does this work, what is this machine,  how do you load it. Once I became comfortable we went to the shooting range and we shot them all.It was also like a terrifying kind of experience, when I left the shooting range which was a small, like half the size of this
room, and there was eight other people there, with guns. And I was like, what’s happening. I don’t know any of you. I don’t know what you got going  on with your life, I don’t know why you’re here. You know, I don’t know why you feel the need to like come here, but  it was really quite terrifying.

I got to do boxing three times a week.  I felt so strong and so capable and it really felt just like in my own way, somebody would rush in, I would be able to have the tools to do something.

What was your most memorable moment?

I mean there’s so many. The first time that I showed up on the Hellcarrier set. Oh gosh, every single shot was really so big. Not just for me but for everyone.

Um, oh one of the big moments was on an entire sound stage. It was a giant set and there were about two or three stairways and once you were on it, it was like you were on this high tech new age ship. And there was hundreds of extras in because – once you were on it, it felt like you were really on a ship. It felt so real. And then Joss came and he said, okay, I want this and I want this and this, and maybe- and they made it even better.

When they were all around the table for the first time that was a pretty incredible moment for me. So I was kind of timid.

We also shot in amazing locations.  They have this zero gravity place at NASA and I found that very lame because I was a Canadian and I had to have a special guard.

How did you feel that you’re going to be a role model for all these little girls?

I don’t think I’ve let myself go there, but it’s a wonderful idea, I have a daughter, she’ll be three. If I can empower any girls anywhere, I’m, I’m happy to do it. I’m a kind of a tomboy and that’s cool.

Did you read comics when you were younger?

Archie Comics, you know, but I didn’t really, they weren’t really- they were around, but they weren’t really around in my life. I don’t know if that’s, it’s who my parents were, they’re both European and they-the only comics I really had were and I was really obsessed with Archie.

You know, they weren’t I hate to say The Avengers were kind of an American thing or, you know, super
heroes but it just wasn’t their thing so I wasn’t really around it very much. I knew all the major players, but I didn’t know S.H.I.E.L.D. and I didn’t know S.H.I.E.L.D.’s environments and I certainly didn’t know Maria

My question! Did you have any specific inspiration in creating your character? 

I scoured the internet for hard copies of the comics that she was involved in, which was a series that she had.
This one comic that I really, that I actually cut out and had with me, which was- it, it was, it was sort of a fade away and it was Maria at different ages and it’s like Maria as a teenager and she’s got like a split lip and it’s from somebody yelling at her, yeah and I’m like, when you hear something like that, and then  her like a young officer.
And then her in the army and then her in S.H.I.E.L.D. sort of really had that and that just helped me keep in mind
where this woman had been. Get to where she is and how hard that has been, how she can maintain that sort of strength that she had. It helped me a lot. Feeling physically stronger and harder and then also the training helped immensely,

Will you be doing more action movies?

I enjoyed it, really enjoyed the training and I felt like I didn’t get to do enough. I know I’m going to, I, I hope to go on and do more of these. You know, I do, you know, I, I really and I would love to do more Marvel films, that would be cool to take on.

You’ll have to come back tomorrow for my interview with Tom Hiddleston.  I will confirm is he is British, charming, and my new favorite actor!

The Avengers is in theaters Friday!  I can’t hold it over all your heads for much longer that I’ve already seen the movie:)

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My trip to the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC was courtesy of Disney, all opinions expressed are my own.


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