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It’s obvious that guys, fathers, sons – essentially men of all ages will love Marvel’s The Avengers.  When my husband’s buddies found out his wife got to see the movie before everyone else…..let’s just say they were a tad bitter.

And while the movie is obviously a “must see” for most guys, I also recommend it as a “must see” for women too.  I have a few enticing words- Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner….you get the idea:)

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Okay, okay there is more to the movie than just hot looking guys.  I knew it was going to be an action packed ride, and indeed it did not disappoint, but what I found really surprising was how funny the movie was.  These witty moments were an obvious touch of the genius of director and screenplay author, Joss Whedon.

Rather than rambling on, I have decided to highlight what I believe are the top five strengths of the movie (or they could also be considered my favorite aspects). These are the items that make this movie worth seeing by everyone!

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1. Amazing special effects– It literally blows my mind to view the amazing effects technicians can create in movies these days.  Buildings are crushed, amazing flying aircraft carriers are created…there just doesn’t seem to be any limit.   If some one can imagine it, they can create it on screen.  I don’t think anyone is capable of not being spellbound by the spectacular scenes created by the movies computer technicians.  If I didn’t know better I would absolutely believe that what I was seeing was real.  If nothing else, go to the movie to see the imaginable come to life.

2. Hilarous comedic moments- The genius of Joss Whedon is not new to my family.  My husband and I loved his series, Firefly, that came out a number of years ago.  We were both thrilled when we learned that Whedon would be creating a new Avengers movie.  If you are going to create an American classic you better have the best.  Throughout the movie I was I initially surprised at the number of comedic moments.  Sure, there are bound to be some funny parts, but each character seemed to have their moment to shine.  These light-heartened and perfectly timed moments highlight the skilled writing of Whedon.  Other writers could have tried to pull off these quips and failed, but Whedon moments are impeccable.  I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone, but my advice is to watch out for Hulk, as he provided my favored comedic moments.

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3. Ironman/Robert Downey Jr.- There really couldn’t be Ironman without Robert Downey Jr., at least not with the amount of style and attitude that he brings to the character.  Ironman is sleek, sexy, powerful, and cool all at once.  This was surprising to me.  Yes, I like Robert Downey Jr.- he has such a brilliant mind with a fun loving nature it is hard to resist his charms, but watching Ironman fly across the skies of NYC in his precision based suit was awe inspiring.  I always considered Batman to be my favorite super hero (yes, I have a favorite super hero), but I am officially switching to Ironman- enough said.

4. Ultimate fantasy adventure– The Avengers is escapism at its best.  Isn’t that one of the best purposes of movies?  Life can be monotonous at times, mundane, and dull.  Living in an alternate universe where super heroes can kick ass is the ultimate adrenaline filled release.  Humans crave a story of grandiose proportions that wages the ultimate battle between good and evil.  It’s a story as old as time immemorial and it obviously is still flourishing.  For approximately two hours The Avengers envelopes its followers in a story so grand you won’t want to come back to reality.

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5. A wonderful allegory for our modern day heroes- At the Tribeca Film Festival’s closing night screening of The Avengers the true highlight of the evening was all the honorable military and emergency responders who attended as special guests.  There is an obvious parallel between the movie and real life.  During 9/11, New York was ravenged by a destructive force that would not easily be overcome, and in the movie our Avengers must work together to save NYC and America from the evil grasp of Loki.  The similarities were striking to me as I watched the movie and I must admit I was moved.  As Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Ironman, Hawkeye, and Black Widow did everything in there power to defeat Loki at the expense of NYC, it was easy to visualize our military defending  NYC from terrorists.  And just like the Avengers, we too had our ultimate revenge.  So perhaps this story is more than a simple comic book plotline, but a truthful tale in our modern times.

There you have it my readers.  My advice?  Take time out of your busy lives to enjoy the world that is The Avengers this coming weekend!

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  1. Those truly are great reasons to see the movie! I too love Batman, but he and Iron Man have always been pretty neck to neck…haha!

  2. I agree on how funny it was. What a pleasant surprise! It really had a little bit of everything, and for everyone. I think men and women (and kids) will love this equally.

    I really enjoyed meeting you!

  3. It was the perfect balance of funny and action!


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