Mirror Mirror at-home “Spa Party”


Did you have a chance to see the movie Mirror Mirror in theaters?  I almost never get to see a movie actually in the theater anymore.  Being the mother to three small children, doesn’t lend itself well to adult movie time.  I have resigned myself to having to watch all movies at home- least I can wear my pajamas!

In a couple of weeks, I will finally get to see the movie Mirror Mirror (I’ve been wanting to see it ever since it first came out!)   I will have the opportunity to view the movie from the comfort of my own home, plus I’m having some girlfriends over for some “spa” time!  Yes, its going to be quite the girly girl event!:)

In the movie there is a great scene where the evil queen (Julia Roberts) is getting prepped for a costume ball and her beauty regimen is less than conventional, particularly when a bee is used to sting her on the lips for a fuller pout!  Luckily we will be sticking to conventional methods such as nail painting and perhaps some hair experimentation.  Unfortunately, I already had my way with Nana’s super curly hair.  I went crazy with the flat iron, merely out of curiosity.  The results were startling.  To see someone who has naturally very curly hair, suddenly have straight hair was strange.  I’d share the pictures I took, but Nana would kill me:) We’ll see if I can get any more guinea pigs that night!:)

I can’t wait to see the beautiful costumes and style of the movie.  Look for a post in the coming weeks regarding my Mirror Mirror at-home Spa Party!  What a fun way to relax at the end of the day, after chasing after babies and changing dirty diapers:)



My party is being sponsored by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, all opinions are my own.

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