Mombo a Nursing Mom’s Must-Have Pillow


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My nursing days are over, but I found the breast feeding experience to be an essential part of my mothering experience.  Three boys- each nursed until 15 or 17 months.  Yes, I've logged a LOT of hours nursing.  I was lucky.  My experience was relatively easy.  While the hours were taxing and the physical demands unending, I did produce sufficient milk and never had any uncomfortable infections.  

I have mentioned many times that I am a big fan of products that help make life easier.  And for nursing moms the Mombo is a great nursing pillow,  What makes the mombo unique is that it has a two-sided design.  One side is firm for nursing, while the other side is cozy and soft and perfect for cuddle time or tummy time.  Plus Mombo is the only nursing pillow for babies that includes a vibration feature. I know for some babies that vibrating aspect is very important. 

And of course there is also a wide variety of slipcovers and fashion styles so that every mom can find a mombo nursing pillow that looks the best for their lifestyle.  Availabe in Standard, Deluxe, or Nude I recommend having at least two different slipcovers for when one gets icky.  It's just inevitable that the baby will either spit up or have a blow out all over the pillow.  That's just how it goes when you have a little one! LOL:) 

If you are a nursing mom or need to purchase a baby shower present I recommend the Mombo- it is available for purchase at Toys R Us and Babies R Us.  

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