Monsuno Toys Review


Monsuno is a new animated NickToons series that has turned into a popular boys toy collection.  Since we don’t have cable television my boys know nothing about the TV series, though if they did I KNOW they would want to watch it.  But even without the TV show my boys immediately knew about Monsuno.  Thanks to our frequent visits to our local Target store my boys were well informed about the toys existence.

Give me a break!  With imagery like this my boys are drawn to it like a moth to a flame!  Monster power in your hands!?  What little boy does not want monster power?  I can assure you my own fellows sure do.

So what is Monsuno?  Quite simply it is a card game.  Similar to Pokemon and Bakugan, Monsuno is it’s own line with detailed character driven cards and figures.  Perhaps cards that detail each characters particular ability and strength are foreign to some children, but this is exactly the kind of toys/games that my boys dream of.

The cards alone are worthy of intense study by any player and can be played without any other additional elements.  But, of course, like any game it is the additional extras that make the game much more fun.

There are detailed rules available regarding how to play a game of Monsuno.

Though I must confess my boys are not interested in the actual rules of the game.  My boys immediately start devising their own games and battle sequences.  Perhaps it is their age (younger), but they don’t have any interest in learning the true rules.  They want to create.  They want to imagine their own situations.  And this ability to foster creativity and imagination is great aspect of the Monsuno toys.

The boys received four figures and this was their favorite part.  My husband has a vast collection of games and figures and my boys are naturally drawn to anything of this nature.  And just like the cards, these figures can be played with the actual game or used for their own play purposes.

By placing the characters in their launchers they can spin, pop out, and battle.

The starter pack provides a number of cards, but I believe the real lasting aspect is the battling characters.

For a glimpse of how the game can truly be played check out this short video.

I fully expect my boys to grow into their Monsuno toys.  This means that they will continue to develop their own games and battles surrounding the characters and perhaps at some point they will want to learn how to play the actual game.  Either way Monsuno is a fun, creative game for boys of all ages and my boys give the pieces a big thumbs up!

For more information visit Monsuno online and via Facebook.


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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