Mother’s Day Gift Idea- Parker Jotter Premium Pen Review


Jotter Premium Shiny Stainless Steel Chiseled


Jotter Premium is the perfect choice for smart design, ultimate comfort and impeccable quality.  Its Shiny Stainless Steel Chiseled finish enjoys a shimmery surface and a min mosaic motif and guarantees matchless practicality and precision use for all occasions.




  • Iconic shape- recognized for more than 55 years
  • Metal pen made of highly polished, stainless steel
  • Fine square chiseling on the cap- an elegant contrast to the shiny surface
  • Ball point pen with push-button and fitted with medium blue or black refill


Parker pens are known for their stylish and comfortable usability.  When my family received our pen for review purposes, Nana immediately remembered her father (a lawyer) using them all the time.  This was my first experience with a Parker pen and I was quite impressed.  I am normally not a fan of ball-point pens, because I do not like how they write.  Perhaps I am picky, (okay I AM picky), but ball-point pens require work in order to write.  The ink doesn’t easily glide onto the paper.  Usually I stick to gel rollers.  Using my new Parker Jotter Premium Shiny Stainless Steel pen was my first positive experience with a ball-point pen.  The Jotter has a comfortable shape and perfect weight.  It is easy to conclude that this is an above-average pen and has been specially designed.  Unlike normal ball-point pens, the Jotter does not require hard pressing to write.  The ink smoothly flows from the pen.  Perhaps it is a combination of sleek design with quality ink that allows the Jotter to be a cut above the rest.

Here is my pen.  It comes packaged in a sophisticated looking box.  I have never owned such a special pen!

Is your mother or wife a list maker?  I know I am.  Nana is too.  Consider a new Parker Jotter Premium Pen for her this Mother’s Day.  She might have a million things to do, but at least she can write her lists with style:)

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I received a pen for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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