Mulan 15th Anniversary 2-Movie Edition Blu-ray Review #Mulan



While in L.A. I had the honor of attending a special interview with Director Tony Bancroft and his twin brother Supervising Animator Tom Bancroft.  It was a hilarious meeting, but I’ll share more about that experience soon.

Instead this post is dedicated to this wonderful film and the fact that this is the first time this movie is available in Blu-ray.  I hope this is just the beginning of releases by Disney of favorites movies via this medium.  Obviously, there is an entire audience of fans eagerly awaiting there release.

mulan training

Mulan is the story of a Chinese maiden who hides her true identity to take her father’s place in the Imperial Army.  This movie was originally released in 1998, and I’ll just assume you have all seen it before.  You’ve seen it, right?  My favorite part is Eddie Murphy as Mushu.  There is just something about his voice and this silly dragon’s antics that are hilarious.  But of course, like a traditional Disney film, this movie is full of fabulous music and colorful animation.  It is a visual feast.

There are so many DVD’s and movies available these days, but Disney movies like Mulan are the type you WANT your family to watch.  Themes like honor, respect, and duty all play an important part in this film and are presented in a way that will inadvertently teach children as well, love that!

mulan mushu

Of course, this entire experience is accentuation by the fact the film is on Blu-ray.  The characters and scenes come to life in a way that was only possible since the movie was in the theaters, now you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, true Mulan fans will love all the extras that are included with this set.  You’ll want to look for all the hidden Mickey’s within the film, a tip we received from Tom Bancroft.  I must admit I’m not very observant in this way.  Those quick images slip right past me!

Bonus Materials include– deleted scenes, a backstage feaurette, audio commentary, and music videos.

mulan horse

But perhaps the best part of this collection is that it includes BOTH Mulan movies- Mulan and Mulan II!   I love when companies offer complete sets!

Mulan / Mulan II [Blu-ray / DVD] will be available March 12th.  Pre-order your copy of this amazing movie now!



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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