My Vacuum Cleaner Hunt!


My vacuum cleaner had a slow and painful death.  Somehow the cover came off the top portion, exposing the innards.  I was  a little frightened that I might be electrocuted at any moment, but I’m ashamed to admit I used it for months in this condition (thought I never did receive an electrical shock).   I always made sure the kids, especially my too curious one year old stayed back while it was turned on.

Not only did the top cover come off, but one peg came out of its socket and we were never able to put it back in place.  If you look at the pictures below you will notice that I had my husband duct tape it in a desperate attempt to “fix” it.


Could this vacuum have been fixed?  Perhaps, but we didn’t think it was the worth the money.  It seems like the wiser idea is to just purchase a new one.   Luckily,  I have been able to delay the purchase of a new vacuum as I am currently using Nana’s.  Once Nana is no longer living with us she will move out and take her vacuum cleaner with her.  Insert “sobbing here”.  Soooo…….

I need to start researching new vacuums.  I have heard good things about Dyson vacuum cleaners.  I like the fact that they do not require a bag like most vacuums and they are known specifically for their superior suction capabilities.   I also like that the Dyson city vacuums can work on BOTH carpet and hard surfaces.  On my main level I have ceramic tile and carpet.  I despise using  a broom and dust pan, and instead vacuum my kitchen.

I also love how sleek the Dyson vacuums look.  They look like they would have the ability to get into all those hard to reach places.  How do those crumbs get in there?  I have crumbs EVERYWHERE.  Perhaps I need to get a new vacuum and a dog!



This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.  And unfortunately my vacuum really is that horrible!



  1. I bought a Dyson three years ago and I love it! My mom is always trying to steal it. Before my Dyson I was buying a new “cheap” $50 Kenmore every two years. I decided that with the filter and replacement costs it would be worth it to get a Dyson Animal. Best decision I ever made.

  2. Sorry to say that I have a dog that does not eat crumbs off the floor. It is frustrating.

  3. Michelle,

    I didn’t even think that was possible. Your dog must be well fed or perhaps has standards:)

  4. Dyson is the best.

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