MyOwnPetBalloons Review & Giveaway


MyOwnPet Balloons is all about imagination. Kids of all ages love to pretend, whether they’re taking their new pet Pony for a gallop, their penguin for a waddle, or their purple, pink and white Bunnies for a hop around the house. Best of all, there’s something for everyone: Puppies, Dinosaurs, a Pot-Bellied Pig and more.

At MyOwnPet Balloons, we’ve created the perfect pet playmates with high-quality materials, welded seams and special inflation valves designed for long-lasting fun. So collect them all, and give the gift that keeps on giving smiles.


We received a new pet in our family.  Our first actually.  As we drove to the party supply store to “fill up” our new pet, my boys were a little mystified.  We do plan on owning living, breathing puppy some day.  Obviously, this was not that day.  Our new pet?  A Tyrannosaurus Rex.  First he was named T-Rex, then Charles, then Fido, ……I’ve lost track of what his current name is.  I hope this isn’t an indication of how this process will go when we bring home a puppy.  My boys love their pet.  But they also love to beat him up.   Our poor pet has taken a lot of abuse in the last number of days. My four year old son, who is also part pro wrestler, has done a series of moves to poor T-Rex that would leave others shriveling in the corner.   I’m pleased to report that our pet is holding up very well.  I hope this too, is not an indication of what they will do to a puppy.

With a wide variety of animals available, MyOwnPetBalloons makes a great unique birthday present.  These inflatables also make great mailable presents as they are easy to ship.  They do require helium, ours cost $1 to fill at a local party store.

Check out MyOwnPetBalloons to see there full selection of pets.

One lucky Mama Report reader will win a MyOwnPetBalloon of their choice.


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. These are so cute!

  2. These are so cute. I would love to have the frog! I teach a low functioning autistic boy and I think he would love this.

  3. I like the shiba inu the best.

  4. I love the golden retreiver one

  5. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    My favorite is the Desert Tortoise.

  6. I’d choose the domestic cat, so cute!

  7. Monique Rizzo says

    I would love the frog.
    Thanks for the chance.

  8. Jessica Compton says

    Would definitely want the Penguin!

  9. My boys would love a dinosaur as a pet!

  10. My daughter would love the elephant for sure!

  11. Pauline Milner says

    From My Own Pet Balloons, if I were lucky enough to win, I would choose the Elephant.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. ~Pauline (

  12. beth shepherd says

    thank you

  13. Love the Penguin!

  14. taylor marves says

    tree frog!

  15. Carrie Phelps says


  16. Kimberly Schotz says

    My daughter would love the Pug

  17. I love the Frog & Pig!

  18. Love the Panda

  19. SaraLee Earegood says

    Tyranosaurus Rex

  20. I would have to say the frog! Wish they had a Beaver!

  21. I really like the duck and the panda!

  22. I want the t-rex, no question!

  23. Heidi McMahon says

    They are all so cute but I know my lil’ one would love the Shetland Pony. Thanks:)

  24. Omg, so cute. I’d love to win the dog (St. Bernard)

  25. I like the dinosaur and the frog!

  26. I like the pointer because he looks kinda like my dog but I know my boys would like Supersaurus the best

  27. I love the T-rex too, although the cow is also adorable!

  28. My girls like the Elephant

  29. AnastaciaWesselhoeft says

    I loved the Dachshund Puppy.

  30. We like the cow

  31. amy hollingsworth says

    I would LOVE the Reindeer for a Christmas treat

    Amy Hollingsworth

  32. I would most like to win the T REX

  33. I tried to friend My Own Pet Balloon on facebook but your link is broken so then I went to the website myself and typed them in and their was 0 results on facebook just took me back to their website.

  34. Amanda Leach says

    My daughter would LOVE the penguin.

  35. I would like to win the Kitty Cat balloon.

  36. Love the Horse, Rudolf the Reindeer & the Penguin – so hard to choose, they’re all so cute!

  37. I would have to get the pony for my grand daughter…

  38. I’d really love to win the Fawn for my niece for Christmas.
    Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  39. The frog.

  40. Pot Bellied Pig all the way!!

  41. I would choose the domestic cat!! (:

    littleamberfaith at yahoo dot com

  42. Adorable! I would love to win the “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”. Thanks.

  43. Paula Hafner says

    I would pick the reindeer for my son or the chicken.

  44. I would like the golden retriever.

  45. Tara Fischer says

    I want the frog!

  46. Rebecca Peters says

    I like the bunny!

  47. Laura Emerson says

    I love the Bunny.
    laura dot hopelessromantic dot emerson at gmail dot com

  48. Tiffany Noell says

    wow thats soo cute, i just love the penguin

  49. My son would love the Supersaurus.

  50. I would love to have the dinosaur

  51. We’d love to own the Corgi!

  52. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to win Kitty Cat.

  53. Love that T-rex! What a great idea.

  54. These are too cute! I would love the chicken. We have some, and my daughter loves them!

  55. I’d like the duck or the elephant, if i won.

  56. susan smoaks says

    i would love the desert tortoise

  57. Oh My these are cute, I love the pug!

  58. My favorite is the reindeer. (Especially with the holiday season approaching)

  59. darlene miller bohannon says

    i liked the fawn,as a nature lover

  60. darlene miller bohannon says

    i could nor retrieve id of my own pet ballons for facebook. there is a problem,so i could not like page.please try to fix .thank-you

  61. Any of the puppy dogs! My daughter loves all dogs!

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