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Battery safety is a serious concern for parents of little children.  Those tiny coin lithium batteries have started increasingly popping up in a wide variety of items.  They are even frequently used in baby toys and books.  Those shiny silver “coins” can look too tempting for some little ones and in an instant they can swallow them.  While these lithium batteries are small, they are very dangerous.  In as little has two hours children will start to experience serious chemical burns.  These helpful batteries can turn lethal in an instant.

It is extremely important to keep your family safe not only during National Childhood Injury Prevention Week (Sept 1-7), but all year long.  The National Safety Council and Energizer have joined together to share some important tips every parent should know to help prevent injuries from the ingestion of coin lithium batteries.

The 4 S’s of Coin Lithium Battery Safety

  • STORE devices that use coin lithium batteries out of reach of childre
  • SECURE the battery compartments of devices
  • SELECT battery packaging that meets federal guidelines for child resistance, such as Energizer’s coin lithium battery packaging
  • SHARE this information with your friends and family

Energizer has become the first company to dedicate itself to lithium coin safety by creating packaging for it’s 20 millimeter coin lithium batteries that meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) strict guidelines for child-resistant packaging.  Those little hands should not be able to open battery packaging.  It seems like so many items come packaged in that stiff plastic covering, they are impossible to open!  But never before has safe packaging been more important.

Recently my husband put Energizer and another brand of lithium coin batteries to the test.  Could he rip them open with his mere hands?  After a few minutes of struggling our Energizer package is crinkled, but unopened.  Much to my husband’s frustration.  Clearly these batteries were not coming out unless we used scissors to cut the packaging.

energizer lithium batteries

In less than a minute my husband had the other brand of batteries open!

energizer test

Obviously it would take children longer to rip open the other brands packaging, but it can certainly be done. Our experience made it simple to see which brand has taken the best steps to ensure these little batteries don’t end up in unwanted hands.

energizer batteries

Energizer and the CPSC have also created a national awareness campaign in partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide called The Battery Controlled, which works to alert parents and caregivers to the dangers of swallowing coin lithium batteries.

For more information regarding this important topic visit, and

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Energizer has kindly offered one lucky Mama Report reader-

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  1. I store our extra batteries in a shoebox on a high shelf.

  2. we store ours in a kitchen drawer that is up way higher than my boys can reach.

  3. I store our spare batteries in the pantry on a high shelf

  4. In a cabinet.

  5. In the cabinate over our fridge, which makes them harder for everyone to get to.

  6. I keep my batteries in the back of my “important” drawer that no one is allowed to touch. I have to be really careful because my son wears hearing aids and the batteries are really tiny, and of course poisonous.

  7. We store batteries out of reach in a roll-top desk.

  8. Kristin Sawatzke says

    We store in a cupboard!

  9. Mia Dentice Carey says

    in my buffet draw

  10. Francine Anchondo says

    the highest shelf in the kitchen

  11. Megan Parsons says

    I store them in the top of my closet!

  12. Top shelf of hall closet.

  13. I store our extra batteries in a cupboard in the dining room.

  14. I have a battery storage box in my desk
    annabella @ centurytel dot net`

  15. Amanda Hoffman says

    in a drawer in the kitchen

  16. I store them in a drawer in the living room.

  17. I store them in one of the desks I use in my home office!

  18. We store ours in a high cupboard.

  19. Colleen Maurina says

    We store our extra batteries on a high shelf in a cupboard that children cannot reach.

  20. Mahdi Martin says

    In the utility closet.

  21. In a drawer

  22. Batteries are stored in the wine cellar cabinet!

  23. in our dresser next to the bed

  24. In our hallway closet on the top shelf.

  25. in the entertainment center in a basket with a lid

  26. Mary Happymommy says

    We store batteries in the kitchen pantry closet, on a high shelf.

  27. danielle lima says

    in my husband’s work bench

  28. In the bottom of our pantry

  29. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    In a drawer in the kitchen.

  30. I store them in Tupperware boxes.

  31. Jenny Stanek says

    In a drawer in the kitchen

  32. Kathy Davis says

    We store our extra batteries in a fishing tackle plastic box in a drawer in the kitchen.

  33. We store the batteries on the top shelf of our bedroom closet.

  34. Seyma Shabbir says

    We store extra batteries In a plastic drawer in the laundry room.

  35. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    We keep them in a drawer in my hubby’s office

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  36. Kitchen drawer

  37. susan smoaks says

    we have them in the kitchen cabinet

  38. sandra davis says

    i store them in a drawer in my kitchen

  39. rod jackson says

    We keep them in the refrigerator

  40. Sacha Schroeder says

    We keep them in a junk drawer in our kitchen.

  41. In a rubbermaid container in a closet.

  42. Stephanie Gregory says

    IN a drawer in my kitchen.

  43. in a basket in the bathroom

  44. I store them in a plastic drawer in one of those rollaround carts.

  45. Linda Lansford says

    I store them in a draw

  46. I have a kitchen drawer where I keep them.

  47. We store ours in a drawer

  48. I keep my batteries in the utility drawer, with the tape measure and other odds and ends 🙂

  49. April Yedinak says

    Ha! There is no such thing as extra batteries in my house. For instance, say I want to watch a DVD. I have to use the TV remote to turn on the TV and use the input button to switch to the DVD mode. Then, I have to remove the batteries from that remote and put them in the DVD remote to get the DVD going. Then, if I need to adjust the volume, I have to switch again. I don’t know why, but they just never last around here.

  50. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    In a drawer in the kitchen that we call the junk drawer.

  51. I store them in my closet

  52. i store them in my kitchen cabinet drawer that has a safety child lock on it

  53. I put them in a sterilite container in my closet

  54. I store extra batteries in my laundry room drawer

  55. I store batteries in the bottom drawer of an end table in our livingroom that I use for stationary.

  56. Monique Rizzo says

    I have a wall storage organizer.
    Thanks for the chance.

  57. In a high cabinet

  58. I store batteries in the cabinet.

  59. In the junk drawer 🙂

  60. In the kitchen

  61. Nicole Sender says

    In a plastic storage box in the basement!

  62. I have a battery rack to help organize and store my batteries. Then that rack is in a junk drawer in the kitchen.

  63. We keep them in our junk drawer.

  64. I store them in a drawer.

  65. Christy Anderson says

    We store extra batteries in a drawer in the guest bedroom dresser.

  66. We keep them in a storage container in the closet, thanks!

  67. I store extra batteries in the freezer

  68. I keep them high on a shelf.

  69. on top of the fridge

  70. In a drawer in the kitchen.

  71. in a drawer in the kitchen!

  72. We’ve used a lunchbox to store them and they are high on a shelf

  73. in a cabinet in the dining room

  74. Sarah Harding says

    We store our batteries in the battery drawer.

  75. honestly I was keeping them in the desk drawer but since finding out how dangerous they really can be, I put them in a container on the top of the closet shelf.

  76. In a kitchen drawer by the sink!

  77. When i have extra batteries, I store them in my drawer where they cannot be easily found by the battery bandits.

  78. I wish i could use each Bliss moment from every post and use them for my own.

  79. I store our batteries in the coolest part of the house

  80. We store our extra batteries on a high closet shelf.

  81. In a kitchen cabinet next to the first aid tub

  82. lynn johnson says

    We store our batteries on a shelf in our bedroom closet.

  83. Debbie Fitcher says

    In a cabinet in the kitchen.

  84. Irene Cypher says

    We keep them in the refrigerator~there are no little kids here.

  85. Paula Michele Hafner says

    In my husband’s extra drawer in the bedroom.

  86. lauren knott says

    In a ziplock bag in the kitchen.

  87. amber severson says

    in a plastic dresser drawer

  88. Our batteries are in a cabinet above the fridge.

  89. Kerrie Mayans says

    in the locked medicine cabinet in our bathroom.

  90. In a high cabinet in my kitchen, which is where I spend most of my time. So I can keep my eye on the kids.

  91. We store ours in a drawer in the kitchen

  92. We hardly ever have extra batteries! lol.

  93. In the cabinet above the fridge.

  94. Tara Liebing says

    I put the in a container up high in my hallway closet

  95. friederike graedener says

    I store my spare batteries in a box in a hallway closet

  96. chickie brewer says

    in a cabinet

  97. Cathy Tougher says

    In my desk drawer

  98. Diane Sallans says

    in a box in my pantry cuphoard

  99. All our extra batteries are locked in my husbands tool chest.

  100. We have always stored our batteries in a locked drawer.
    I have always feared my children would put them in their mouth.


  101. I store our batteries in a cabinet up and out of the reach of the kids

  102. Deborah Mireles says

    on the top shelf of my husbands closet

  103. I store them in the locked medicine cabinet 🙂

  104. we store ours on the top self in the high off the ground and out of reach

  105. We store them in a locked cabinet.

  106. We store them in a cupboard.

  107. Cathy Truman says

    We keep them in a locked cabinet.

  108. Ours are in a cabinet in our laundry room.

  109. Brenda Elsner says

    I store extra batteries in my bedroom.

  110. in a bin in the living room

  111. On a high shelf in a container, in a closed off room.

  112. Nicole Millheim says

    I store in the kitchen drawer

  113. Holly Kennedy says

    In the refrigerator.

  114. Rebecca Lock says

    In our buffet and in a plastic tote in our emergency bin.

  115. I store my extra batteries in a storage box in on top of my closet.

  116. Brittney House says

    In a drawer in my bedroom.

  117. I store my batteries in my bedroom in my top drawer

  118. My husband stores the batteries in a bag where the kids can’t reach it.

  119. krystal wethington says

    in the closet.

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