Native Shoes- Corrado Review


Inspired by classic, casual silhouettes, but made with the lightest and most comfortable material available, Native Shoes are the best of both worlds. Footwear for the future done in the style of everything we've ever loved about shoe design. You can slip them on for a quick stroll, throw them into your backpack for a day at the beach or keep them on hand for apres. Our aesthetic is relaxed, flexible and active. Native Shoes is footwear for anybody, anywhere, anytime.

My son received the Corrado shoe and he loves it.   Actually I should state exactly what he said the first time he wore them.  He said and I quote, “with every step it feels like a tickle on my feet”.  He would not be happy that I wrote this!  Good thing he doesn’t read my blog!  His shoes have no laces and therefore no drama.  He can easily slip them off and on all by himself.  I realize my son at age seven should know how to tie his shoes by now, but so many shoes don’t require laces and frankly it is just easier that way.  These Corrado shoes have been the perfect summer shoe.  With little holes on the sides they allow air to flow to his feet helping keep them cool, but the holes are not so big that rocks and annoying items enter.

The shoes are very lightweight and can easily be carried or stuffed into a backpack.  And unlike many shoes, these Native Shoes can be tossed into the washing machine for easily cleaning.  My son at age seven fits perfectly into size J1 and I find the sizes to run true.  Another important feature of Native Shoes is that they are odor resistant.  This is especially important to my husband.  He really dislikes stinky summer feet in the car. Do you know what I’m talking about?  Someone casually slips off their shoes while riding in the car and then suddenly there is the distinct odor of stinky feet.  Yew!  Native Shoes are stink resistant, I believe because of the degree of circulation that is involved.  My husband is greatly relieved.

Here is my little shoe model!

Besides the Corrado you can purchase Native Shoes in the following styles for kids.

Child and junior sizes can be purchased online at or!  There is also a number of Native Shoes styles available for adults.  Check it out! 


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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