Nerstrand Big Woods State Park


This fall we took a late season hike to Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. With all the fall leaves crunching at our feet rather than dangling from the tree tops, the woods seemed almost eerie. The park is best suited for hiking as there is not a ton of additional offerings, though there are camping spaces. 

The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Hidden Falls. I’m not sure why this place is named Hidden Falls, as they the area didn’t seem so hidden to me. I’m sure there is a story of some sort to provide an explanation. 

While our visit lacked the beautiful fall colors and much of the luscious greenery of the summer, Nerstrand makes for a great hiking day. With eleven miles of trails {many with easy looping patterns} visitors can determine their length and difficulty of trail quite easily.

The state park is located about 20 miles south of Northfield and makes for an easy morning or afternoon adventure from the Twin Cities. I highly recommend stopping in Northfield along the way to checkout this picturesque little town. I always stop by Hogan Brothers for a latte. 

Have you visited Nerstrand Big Woods State Park? 

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