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Every year my family hosts a New Years Day party.  This might seem strange to some people, as I’m sure most have a New Year’s Eve celebration instead.  But as we have three young children and most of our friends do as well, it just made sense to have a family friendly gathering the first day of the new year.  There really isn’t any alcohol (save maybe a beer or two) and the menu is not sophisticated.  It is merely a simple gathering or our friends and their children.  We all play games and enjoy each others company over a potluck.  Everyone brings a dish to share so that I am not weighted down with cooking responsibilities.  Perhaps as our children grow older our party will turn into a New Year’s Eve celebration, but we are still many years away from that possibility.

With the large number of adults and child that are in our home for this one day (around 20+), paper plates, cups, and utensils are mandatory.  I made the mistake of not having these conveniences one year and the number of dishes that required cleaning was massive.

I recently received the Night Lights New Years Party Mega Party Kit from Party City.  Bring on the new year, because I am ready now:)!

Literally everything I need to throw our New Years Day party is included.


This Christmas I have been completely dedicated to shopping online.   There is just so much to do this time of year, trying to find the time to trek through the mall is tricky.  Even if I do make it to a store I’m guaranteed to have at least one child with me.  Shopping at home in my jammies with a cup of hot coffee is so much more enjoyable.  Now I can even prepare for my party online.  This party kit, Night Lights, is available for purchase online.  With a few simple clicks on my computer the entire package can be shipped to my door.  Love it!

Check out Party City to see the full selection of New Years party kits available.  There are many more styles and size options! Currently there is free shipping on any purchase of at least $60.  Plus certain kits are 50% off!

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