NoNetz Comfortable Swimwear for Guys Review


The world of manly things is relatively new to me.   Yes, I’ve been married for thirteen years and I have three sons, but I am an only child.  I grew up surrounded by only girl things for the most part.  Learning the finer art of male related products is my reality.

Case in point- swim trunks.  Obviously, this is prior uncharted territory for me.   Now I have four different sizes in the house simultaneously!  As a girl, I have been mystified by the mesh lining in the trunks.  They are a pain for little boys to put on themselves.  And really, what kind of support do they truly provide?

I’m surprised it has taken so long for other forms of swim trunks to catch on.  Three of my boys now have regular mesh lined trunks, but my oldest son has something a bit different.  Yes, they are still trunks.  See below.

But they are a bit different from your standard pair of trunks in a few important ways.

– no mesh liner

– instead each NoNetz shorts has an anti-bacterial, anti-chafe, UPF 50+ liner.

Luckily, my guys have never had any chafing problems, but I know many (especially those with skin sensitives) that do.  These trunks are made to gently hug your legs- preventing chafing.

Notice in the picture above I have lifted up the normal short portion.  You get a sneak peek at what lies beneath:)

Sun protecting swim trunks unfortunately don’t seem to be the norm.  This seems ridiculous.  I don’t know many boys or guys that use sunscreen on their legs, but the sun still penetrates these areas.  Sure, they are probably not going to receive a burn in this areas (hopefully:), but they still can be exposed to too much sun.  When your out in the sun, covering up with protective swimwear seems like a no-brainer.

As you can see my seven year old son was not slowed down in any way.  He had a great day at the beach in his new NoNetz trunks.

NoNetz has my little guys covered, but I will have to wait a bit longer for my husband.  Luckily they will be releasing a men’s line soon.

My soon-to-be eight year old fit into the size medium perfectly.  Therefore I would assume the trunks run true to size.  The swimwear retails for $40 or $42.  This is obviously not a discount pair of trunks, but I imagine most shoppers would have a hard time finding an equivalent pair of trunks in their local stores.  Also NoNetz swimwear is entirely Made in the USA– a rarity these days.

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I received the above product for review, all opinions are my own.




  1. Something so simple has taken forever to come out, but what a great idea! I was thinking how great they’d be for my husband, but I’m not sure he’d wave away skepticism in favor of comfort.

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