Nonni’s Biscotti Review


NonniÕs baking process makes our biscotti unique. Nonni’s Biscotti is made with real eggs and butter, making them rich in flavor, light and crunchy in texture, and delicately sweet. They are baked twice, then individually wrapped to ensure that the cookies you get are exactly as Nonni intended them- fresh tasting and of the highest quality.

I recently had the opportunity to review some yummy biscotti from Nonni’s.  I can’t remember the last time I had biscotti before this review.  I love it, but it just isn’t something I normally think about purchasing.   I was overwhelmed with the options that Nonni’s provides.  I received Decandence, Originali, Almond Dark Chocolate Biscotti Bites, Classic Almond Biscotti Bites, Caramel Milk Chocolate Biscotti Bites, and Turtle Pecan to review.  The biscotti bites are new and I think they are wonderful.  This is a great way to have a small treat, but even if you go all out and eat the full size biscotti they are still only around 100 calories each.  I will take you through each kind I sampled, but I will cut to the chase and list my favorites first!

I loved the Caramel Milk Chocolate Biscotti Bites.  Add caramel to anything and you have a winning recipe in my opinion.  And the bite size pieces were definitely a plus.  I can eat one and not feel guilty.  Or I can eat five and be guiltily happy.

My second favorite was the Turtle Pecan full size biscotti.   The winning ingredient?  Caramel, of course!  Have you guessed that I have a sweet tooth!  Here is the official description.  A light crunchy cookie filled with the finest pecans available, blended with creamy caramel and dipped in gourmet milk chocolate. This truly indulgent combination helps make your next break much more satisfying.  Ahhh……my mouth just waters reading that.  Chocolate, caramel, pecans, creamy, dipped……I’m in heaven!

A blend of almonds and walnuts with just a hint of anise. This classic creation is rich in Tuscan tradition and is an excellent complement to a cup of coffee, expresso, or wine.

The Originali is a classic biscotti, or at least what I believe to be a classic biscotti.  No chocolate and caramel, but instead almonds and walnuts.  I did not try this biscotti with wine, but I am intrigued by that idea and I will have to give it a try.   I enjoyed this version, and I found it to be a great treat for the kids.  (Not all biscotti has to be used for sophisticated purposes:) They loved them!

Designed for the chocolate purist. A dark brown chocolate almond biscotti dipped in gourmet bittersweet chocolate creating a delectable combination. Perfect with a cafe mocha, cafe latte, or even a glass of milk.

This is the biscotti I featured in my photos above and is definitely a chocolate lovers dream.  It truly is decadent with all that chocolate!

Almond Dark Chocolate bites has just the right amount of chocolate to these little bites.  I am not a dark chocolate lover (I prefer standard old milk chocolate), but if you like dark chocolate this is going to be your favorite!

The Classic Almond bites are a great accompaniment with coffee or tea.  The classic almond taste works well with almost any kind of hot beverage.  This is also a more traditional biscotti taste, in my opinion, but again it is wonderful that they are in a smaller size.

Overall I was very impressed with Nonni’s Biscotti.   With so many different varieties they are sure to please everyone.  (There are more varieties available, as I did not list them all!  Check it out!)

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I received the above mentioned products for review, all opinions are my own.


  1. OMG, I L-O-V-E Nonni’s. Call me greedy, but I swear I went throught a box of it in like one day, lol. I think I’ll pick up some more today 🙂

  2. coffee lova says

    I love nonni’s! My favorite is the turtle pecan. 🙂 They give me a little peace with my hectic life of being a mommy to 3 beautiful children! There the way I start my day before my little ones can jump all over me.

  3. I had never had these before my review. Boy, was I missing out!!

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