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I’m all about organization.  Having an organized home just makes life easier.    Instead of searching the entire house to find something it is so much better to know exactly where it is.  A handy companion to organization is adequate space.   I have lived in a home where we were literally jam packed inside.   When space is tight you need to be creative.  I purchased a variety of vacuum-sealed  bags only to have them not work.  Sure, the air was sucked out for a short amount of time, but eventually the seal was broken and the bags were fairly useless.

Even with a larger house now, I am always looking for ways to minimize space.  As a family of five living in a climate that requires different seasonal clothing I have to pack closets full of clothing away twice a year.  I place these items of clothing in boxes or totes, but a condensing vacuum sealed bag would be handy.

I recently received a jumbo sized Space Bag to review.

I must admit I was skeptical based on my previous experience with an air removal bag.  This bag is equipped to handle 2 comforters, 4 pillows, or, 12 sweaters.  I was truly intrigued by the thought of fitting twelve sweaters in the bag, but I wasn’t ready to pack them away yet.  It is March in Minnesota and a good snowstorm is always likely.

Instead I decided to test the two comforter theory with two large king sized comforters.

Currently these extra comforters have a home in the closet in my upstairs bathroom.  While I have space, I would like to minimize the blankets and make it look more organized.

Upon opening the bag, this is what it looked like.  I needed to undo the straps to actually get the bag out.

Then I was able to easily stuff the comforters inside the bag.  They do recommend folding the blankets, which I did do.

Next I used the plastic device to make sure the bag was sealed.  They recommend using this device over the seal twice to ensure proper closure.

Next it was time for the fun part- the vacuum seal process.

There is something satisfying about watching all the air being sucked on of a bag!  This part was amusing and easy.  Once the air was removed I quickly closed the cap so it could hold its form.

At this point it was time to secure the bag with the provided straps.  This aspect was different than other similar devices I have used.  I think this is a great idea as it helps to hold the items in place, decreasing the likelihood of breaking the airtight seal.

Then finally I was ready for the final part, zipping the bag.  Its finished!  And while my bag is a little lumpy, it sure looks better than the blankets merely folded and stuffed into a space.  The outside bag that the sealed items fit into gives the entire object a degree of organization and functionality.  The company even suggests that multiple bags can be stacked, allowing for even better space saving.

I have not had my Space Bag for a long time, but I feel confident that my bag will not lose its seal because of the extra measures that the bag contains.  I can’t wait to give it a try once we are ready to pack away our sweaters.  Bring on spring, because we are ready to organize our storage space now!

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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