Organizing My Family’s Schedule with Tailor Made Whiteboards & a Giveaway


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinion are my own.

2013-04-21 13.37.25

When my my oldest son was a baby I had all the time in the world.   My schedule was his schedule.  Most days we didn’t need to travel anywhere.  Once a week I would purchase groceries and that was our big outing for the week.  Times have changed around our house.  My once little babies keep growing and with this growth their are a plethora of activities and commitments.  As my boys grow I know that this level of business and activity is only going to increase.  A central location describing all our activities is essential.

All families, including mine, need a guide pinpointing where everyone will be at all times.  How do families function without one?  If we didn’t have this board to keep our lives in order, I’m sure my husband would be lost.  Actually he would probably be driving me crazy as he would constantly have to ask me what was on the agenda for the day.  Instead he can just look at the board to be informed of the activities for our family for the entire month!

2013-04-21 13.35.19

Of course, the hard part with any scheduling board is designating a spot in the house for this important item.  Obviously the kitchen lends itself well, but we decided to place our board on our organizational spot for easy reference on the way out the door.  At this time we don’t want to hang the board, as it sits nicely on our organizer, but if we change our minds our board is equipped with everything we need to hang it where ever we would like.

2013-04-21 13.37.34

There are a wide variety of organizational charts currently available, but the one pictured in this post came from Tailor Made Whiteboards.  It was obvious upon arrival that this board is heavy duty.  This is an activity board built to last.  I selected an oak frame finish though maple, walnut, or black are also available.  I also choose a standard “Family” design planner, though I could of had mine personalized with pictures of the family.

2013-04-21 13.36.30

Another aspect of this board that I like is that there is an area underneath for additional notes.  Shopping lists, addresses- whatever “extra” information you need can be added to this convenient area down below.

2013-04-21 13.37.51

They even make changeable board that allows you to swap out the inside sheet to change from a monthly activity to a chore board or menu planner.

Check out the full selection of available boards by visiting Tailor Made Whiteboards.  Whatever your preference, these boards are built to last and are one of the best ways to keep your family organized.  At our house we might have a crazy schedule, but at least we are well prepared!

One lucky Mama Report reader will win a Tailor Made Whiteboard of their choosing!

herringboneI love this new Herringbone style!

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