Outdoor Play Ideas for Kids in Winter


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{photo credit: Everlasting Love Photography}

Minnesota is blessed to produce it’s own innate since of fun in the winter months with typically an abundance of snow. It is cold outside. And it does get dark early. But winter is a great time for kids to still play outside. 

As a kid I have found memories of making elaborate snow forts and of the countless hours I spent sledding with my cousins. Sometimes in our modern digital age I think we forget how important it is for kids to play with no embellishments. Let them create something out of nothing. Let their imagination wander through designs and play scenarios. #FreeYourPlay and just give kids an opportunity to direct their own form of outside fun. 

{photo credit: Everlasting Love Photography}

{photo credit: Everlasting Love Photography}

To help propel your kids outside I’ve pulled together a short list of ideas. But let me be honest. The key to kids experiencing creative outdoor free play is to not allow them to be on digital devices and to let them get sort of bored. The pull for electronic games is strong and whining is likely to commence, but stay firm. Let them figure it out, I promise they will…..eventually. If you don’t have snow yet {like our holiday photos} or if you are not inclined to even get snow at all checkout this list for inspiration as well.

{photo credit: Everlasting Love Photography}
Kamik boots from left to right- Boys “Luke“, Mens “Velox“, Womens “Sienna 2” and Mens “Velox
  1. Make a snowman
  2. Go for a hike
  3. Make a snowfort
  4. Have a snowball fight
  5. Make snow angels
  6. Add food coloring to a spray bottle & left them color the snow
  7. Go sledding
  8. Look for interesting leaves, rocks, sticks, etc.
  9. Study ice & create different shapes
  10. Write in the snow using your boots by walking in a pattern
  11. Look for animal footprints on the ground
  12. Take turns pulling each other in a sled
  13. Try using snowshoes
  14. Use sandbox toys in the snow
  15. Create an obstacle course in the snow
{photo credit: Everlasting Love Photography}

Whatever particular activity your kids like and regardless if you have a mountain of snow or not, just get outside and play!!

What sort of outdoor fun do your kids enjoy or did you like as a child?


  1. Jamie Martin says

    Painted rocks is a good one too – you can collect them anywhere outside.

  2. Buddyi Garrett says

    We enjoyed most of these when we were kids. We also built first in the woods.

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